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1775 – 2019 Summer

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Greetings from the Home of the AG, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  It is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest issue of 1775.  This issue is dedicated to the G-1 Teams from ACC to Division level.  We want to thank LTC Randy Lefebvre, G-1, 82d Airborne Division and his team for spearheading this issue’s theme as well as all those who contributed to this issue.  We also hope you enjoy the retro cover.  It is a facsimile of the actual July 1943 issue of The Bulletin magazine published in the middle of World War II (1941-1945).

The Bulletin was the official magazine of the Adjutant General School more than 76 years ago.  The cover was used with permission of the current AG School Commandant, COL Michael McTigue, who loaned us the magazine from his personal collection.  The cover was fitting then, and it is appropriate now as we shape our current force.  The Army continues to move away from irregular warfare in preparation for Large Scale Combat Operations against great power competition.  The G-1s throughout the Army are key to the Commander’s understanding of accurate and timely strength reporting.  The effective use of combat power is the key to success.  And, to quote the 40th Chief of Staff, Army, GEN James McConville, “Winning Matters!”

We hope you enjoy this edition of 1775 and solicit your comments and feedback at

Defend and Serve!

Paul R. Dwigans
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army
AGCRA VP, Publications
Editor, 1775

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