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1775 Special Edition Dedicated to Our AG Corps Legacy

AG Corps Leaders,

We have begun planning for this year’s 2016 AG Corps Regimental Week that includes our marquee events of the National AG Ball and the AG Corps Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, both on 3 June 2016. Our theme for this year’s Regimental Week is dedicated to the AG Corps’ legacy. As Chief of the Corps, I believe we collectively need to know our legacy and historical foundations better. I have asked my team to create a Special Edition of 1775 that gets after our Corps’ history, culture, and accomplishments.

As we work toward creating the 1775 Special Edition, I solicit your help to author and submit articles that tell our Corps’ story from HR operations in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan, to paradigm shifts in how we delivered HR support to the Army over past decades, to historical AG Corps topics / operations we don’t really have in writing somewhere. As an important linkage to where our Corps has been, I’m asking you to provide your memories of significant accomplishments or historical events for inclusion in our 1775 Special Edition, to include any pictures that you have and all the history you have personal knowledge of.

  1. Suspense: Would like to have your respective article by 11 March 2016.
  2. Length: Minimum of two pages please, single spaced typed.
  3. Format / Font: Word doc / Arial, Font Size 12.
  4. Photos: Pics are highly encouraged. If you have any photos for your article, please provide in a “separate” JPEG file(s). Preference is no “staged” photos and we need a caption for all photos.
  5. Slides: If you have any slides for the article, please provide in a “separate” PowerPoint file.

With your help, we’re going to put our 1775 Special Edition at each seat for commemorative purposes at the National AG Ball, in addition to mailing to all AGCRA members. Our point of contact is COL (Ret) Bob Ortiz, the Editor of 1775,, (803) 751-8305. Please e-mail your 1775 article directly to Bob.

Thanks in advance, we look forward to telling our Corps’ rich culture and history this year with your help.


Jack L. Usrey


18th Chief, Adjutant General’s Corps

Commandant, Adjutant General School

Chief of Army Music

Comm: (803) 751-8440

DSN: 734-8440

FAX: -8302

U.S. Army Adjutant General School

10000 Hampton Parkway

Ft Jackson, SC 29207

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