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1775 Spring 2016 Edition Dedicated to “Around the AG Corps”

AG Corps Leaders,

COL Jack L. Usrey has approved the following theme for our 1775 Spring 2016 edition: “Around the AG Corps.”

Simply stated, we want to hear from you and what’s going on today in your corner of the Army HR Community. Articles should describe the HR work you’re doing to enable Commanders and take care of Soldiers and their Families. We are also interested in AGCRA Chapter news, events and activities.

Note – The 1775 Spring 2016 edition is a separate edition from the 1775 Special Edition Dedicated to our AG Corps Legacy.

1775 article specs follow:

  1. Suspense: Would like to have your respective article by 11 March 2016.
  2. Length: Minimum of two pages please, single spaced typed.
  3. Format / Font: Word doc / Arial, Font Size 12.
  4. Photos: Pics are highly encouraged.

    If you have any photos for your article, please provide in a “separate” JPEG file(s). Preference is no “staged” photos and we need a caption for all photos.

  5. Slides: If you have any slides for the article, please provide in a “separate” PowerPoint file.

Our point of contact for 1775 articles is COL (Ret) Bob Ortiz, the Editor of 1775,, (803) 751-8305. Please e-mail your 1775 article directly to COL (Ret) Ortiz.

Thanks in advance.

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