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1775 – Spring 2018

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This edition of 1775 is dedicated to “AG NCOs – Backbone of the Corps”. Due to their commitment to selfless service and willingness to make great sacrifices on behalf of our Nation, our Army, Commanders, and Soldiers, AG NCOs are an integral and significant part of the Army HR Team. During my Army Career and as I PCS’d to new assignments, I made it a point at every unit that my very first appointment would always be with my NCOIC or Senior NCO. I wanted to send an immediate and strong signal that my Senior NCO and I were a team. He or she had my intent for our collective HR mission and they had my trust and confidence to enable Commanders, and take care of Soldiers and their Families. Additionally, the U.S. Army’s NCO Corps has distinguished itself as the world’s most accomplished group of military professionals. Historical and daily accounts of life as an NCO are exemplified by acts of courage and heroism, and a dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. AG NCOs have also been celebrated for decorated service throughout the Army’s long and distinguished history, from the American Revolutionary War to current conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria. They truly epitomize being the Backbone of the AG Corps. This will be my last edition of 1775 as the magazine’s Editor. After nine years as Editor, I believe the time has come to step aside and let someone with a passion for telling the AG Corps’ and Association’s story come in and bring new ideas and innovation to take the magazine to even greater heights. LTC (Ret) Paul Dwigans is that person and has graciously volunteered to serve as the next 1775 Editor. I ask all AGCRA members to give Paul the same super support that I have received over the last nine years, which have been truly fulfilling as our beloved Corps has transitioned from Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) to the new and emerging IPPS-A system that will start fielding in FY 19. We hope you enjoy this edition of 1775 and solicit your comments and feedback at

Bob Ortiz
AGCRA VP Publications & Editor, 1775
Colonel (Retired), US Army
AG Corps Hall of Fame Class of 2013

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  1. Respectfully, I tried a second time and no success. There was also another comment raised by a memeber on a previous edition in which that person was unable to view/download. Are you ableo to view/download the digital version. If so, it possible for you to email me the product? Perhaps the Potomac chapter does not have me on their books as yet, but I’m a paid member Again, please advise. Thx and ‘Welcome Aboard’ to the both of us:-)

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