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1775 – Spring 2022

1775 Spring 2022 (Click)

1775 is Back!  Unfortunately, in the age of the COVID pandemic, we have had challenges posting a 1775 journal since our Fall 2020 edition.  But we are now once again back supporting AGCRA members and telling our collective AG Corps, Civilian HR, and Army Band story with this edition.  And I am back as well coming out of retirement as the new 1775 Editor and the even newer VP, Public Relations (formerly VP, Publications) on the AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC).

Through COL (Ret) Rob Manning’s leadership and vision as President of our Association, in this edition you will read about the new AGCRA Strategic Plan, the AGCRA Recruiting Team (ART), as well as the new AGCRA Public Relations Team (APRT).  These new initiatives are designed to 1) better serve our members, 2) provide additional HR and Band sources of information and tools, and 3) grow and retain AGCRA membership. 

Before diving into this edition of 1775, LTC (Ret) Paul R. Dwigans is departing as the latest 1775 Editor and the NEC VP, Publications.  Paul took over full 1775 and Association publication duties five years ago.  He intends to play a role as the new APRT gets off the ground which will allow him the time to write his first novel ever.  AGCRA truly appreciates Paul’s efforts and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

So, it is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest issue of 1775.  Although we normally adopt a theme for each 1775 we print, we wanted to provide a myriad of AG / Army HR / Band stories in this edition in order to get our members a copy of their professional association journal that has been off the street for over a year.  It is our intent to provide as many new editions of 1775 in 2022 and beyond based on your support for article submissions.  Again, 1775 is Back!

We hope you enjoy this edition of 1775 and solicit your comments and feedback at

Defend and Serve!

Bob Ortiz
Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army
AGCRA VP, Public Relations
Editor, 1775

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