Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

2012 AGCRA Scholarship Winners

AG Corps Regimental Association Leaders,

It my distinct honor and pleasure to announce the 2012 second annual AGCRA $1000 scholarship winners:

Ortiz-Abreu, Alexander (Sponsor – COL (Ret.) Ortiz-Abreu, Robert – AG School)

Davis, Chanethia (Sponsor – 1SG White, James)

Dickerson, Demarcus Dajile (Sponsor – SFC (Ret) Makeba Dickerson)

Thomas, Ashley (Sponsor – COL (Ret.) Thomas, Charles)

These young, aspiring college students faced some REALLY stiff competition.  Based on their academic performance, community service, and ability to articulate future goals they were voted as most qualified to receive these scholarships made possible by active ACGRA membership dues and AG Regimental Print purchases.

Thanks to all AGCRA members for your participation!  I ask you all to continue to promote our professional association and AG Regimental Print so we can continue to do great things for AG Corps and their families…like this!

Remember…the scholarships are primarily supported by sales of our beautiful and historic AG Print.  So…don’t put off buying it any longer!  You can own a future collector’s portrait AND help young AGCRA family member scholars build their future now!!

Defend and Serve!

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