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42A Update – December 2019

Please see the attached 42A Enlisted Monthly Update for December 2019 at the bottom of this web page. 

Please note the Top Ten assignments listed on page 2 for Skill Levels 2-5 along with the broadening opportunities mentioned on page 3, which include MEPs 1SG vacancies that will need to be filled in the summer of 2020 (Fargo, ND / Boise, ID / Lansing, MI / Detroit, MI).

For those 42As assigned to Fort Jackson, there is a 42A Leader Development Session (open to all 42A skill levels) Thursday, 5 December in Building #2300 (42A / 36B AIT Building – Auditorium) at 1330 hours.  SGM Mark Clark will provide a brief on the new Senior Enlisted Evaluation Board Process.  This brief will be streamed via Facebook Live from the Adjutant General Proponency and Leader Development Division (PLDD) Facebook Page at

And Friday, 6 December at 1000 hours in the SSI Auditorium (Building #10,000), Fort Jackson, CSM Corey Gill will relinquish his responsibility as the AG Corps and School CSM to CSM Rob Atkinson.


SGM Scott D. Lesch
Proponency/Leader Development Division
Soldier Support Institute
Fort Jackson, SC
Comm:  803-751-8368

42A Update – December 2019

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