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42A Update – November 2019

The 42A Enlisted Update for November 2019 is attached below.  This has been sent to all 42A6s/5s/4s along with military personnel at SSI.  Please disseminate to those Junior NCOs and Soldiers within your footprints.  

The Physical Requirements for CMF 42 have been updated and 42As are listed as MODERATE in the Enlisted OPAT Physical Demands Category (Gold).  Links are provided to applicable documents on the attached Enlisted Update (below).

Once again I want to mention the ACT 42A Community Following – several relevant documents have been placed on this page to include a Semi-Centralized Analysis that provides a snapshot of the qualifications, training, education and APFT scores of those who made the cut-off score.  We currently have about a 21% following based on the Active component 42A numbers.  Would like to get more participation.  Information on how to become a follower is provided on the attached Enlisted Update (below). 

Please continue to forward pictures/story boards, we will select one for the monthly update and will post the others on ACT along with the AG Proponency and Leader Development Division (PLDD) Facebook Group.  You can become a member at:

The Proponent continues to make recommendations that support the HR structure in both the FDU process and HR Optimization along with enhancing the Corps interest with initiatives such as Credentialing, TWI, the Army Cool Website, Digital Ruck Sack, and civilian education opportunities.

Thanks for all your hard work and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and what other information you would like to see.  The goal is provide the Enlisted COHORT of the AG Corp with as much information as possible to become successful and be transparent.


SGM Scott D. Lesch
Proponency/Leader Development Division
Soldier Support Institute
Fort Jackson, SC
Comm:  803-751-8368

42A Enlisted Update – November 2019

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