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42A Update – October 2019

HR Professionals,

Please see attached 42A Monthly Update for October 2019. 

Wanted to highlight the following topics:

Congrats to all the 42As SSGs selected for promotion to SFC.  Our 42A population did very well – we had a 93.4% selection rate.  The Army’s overall promotion rate was 44.1%.

We’ll be publishing and disseminating the FY19 SFC 42A Board Analysis soon.

The following was sent via S1Net Message Summary –  SELECTION OF THE NEXT 42A PROPONENT SGM.  From the AG Proponent:  The Chief of the AG Corps will be reviewing packets for his approval of the next 42A Proponent SGM at the Adjutant General School, Fort Jackson, SC.  So 42A SGMs, if your current MRD is May 2023 and beyond and if you are interested, visit the following link for instructions on submitting a packet.  Packets are due NLT 20 October 2019.  Visit the following link for more information:  PLEASE SEND PACKETS TO SGM LESCH NLT 20 OCTOBER 2019 – this is stated on the link provided, but have been receiving questions about who to send to.  This position is for an Active Component 42A6 (COMPO 1).

For AG Corps information please visit the Adjutant General Proponency and Leadership Development Division Face Book Group at

The new DA PAM 600-25 (Smart Book) will be updated on milSuite very soon.  It has been approved and forwarded for posting.  Please ensure our Soldiers are aware of this publication for this drives the train for our Professional Development Model (PDM).  In speaking with SLC/ALC Courses, most Junior NCOs are not aware of this publication.  The updated PDM is also attached.

The new AR 600-8-111 (ARMY MOBILIZATION, MANNING, AND WARTIME REPLACEMENT OPERATIONS) has been published on the Army Publishing Directorate Website.

ADP 4.0 Sustainment and FM 4.0 Sustainment Operations have been published and can be viewed at the following link on milSuite:


SGM Scott D. Lesch
Proponency/Leader Development Division
AG School, Soldier Support Institute
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
Comm:  803-751-8368

42A Update – October 2019


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