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Adjutant General’s Corps March

In case you weren’t aware, the AG Corps has its own March.  In 1987 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN, the Army designated the AG Corps as a Regiment.  At the time, COL Frank C. Foster, Jr. was the Chief of the Corps and set about to create an AG Corps Regimental March.  CPT William A. Foss came up with the music and COL Foster provided the words; hence, the AG Corps Regimental March was born.

For your use and download we have two versions of the March – with words and with music only.  The two versions are provided below.  AGCRA thanks LTC (Ret) Laura Bozeman and CW5 (Ret) Dave Ratliff for the two versions of the AG Corps March below.

With Words:

Music Only:

Note – the re-publication of AR 870-21, The U.S. Army Regimental System on 13 April 2017, officially dropped the term “Regiment” for the AG Corps.  The AG Corps is now listed as a separate “Corps” within the regulation, so the AG Corps Regimental March is now the AG Corps March.

Additionally, AGCRA will retain the term “Regiment” in its title for historical purposes as the Association was founded in 1987. 

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2 thoughts on “Adjutant General’s Corps March”

  1. Again a part of our history that is never celebrated. We used to hear and sing this at every AG Ball, somewhere along the line it has been relegated to a minor part and is seldom played or heard. Sad.

    • Ma’am,

      I agree with your sentiment. It is so little we here this march and I have not heard it since I left 1st PERSCOM and that was when your great husband was the guest of honor foe COL Christianson’s Change of Command.

      David Curran
      The “Voice” of 1PC

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