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AG Corps Distinguished Members of the Regiment (DMORs) for the Class of 2016

HR Leaders, Family Members and Friends of the US Army Adjutant General’s Corps,

On behalf of COL Jack L. Usrey, Chief of the Adjutant General’s Corps, it gives me great pleasure to announce the selection of the 2016 Class of AG Corps Distinguished Members of the Regiment (DMORs) as follows:

COL (Ret) Lee A. Harris

COL (Ret) Arthur A. Strange III

LTC (Ret) Ward D. Ward

LTC (Ret) David A. Smoot

MAJ Richard M. Strong

CW5 Aner Henriquez, Jr.

CW4 (Ret) Manuel Flores

CW4 (Ret) Maria L. McDonald

CSM (Ret) Charles Smith

SGM Linda M. Kessinger

SGM Annette A. Weber

SGM (Ret) Allen Clifton

Ms. Darcie C. Fouste

DMORs provide a link with history for today’s Army HR Professionals. Through their individual contributions, these special appointees perpetuate the history and traditions of the AG Corps, thereby enhancing unit morale and esprit. DMOR selection offers to the Corps the prestige, stature, and experience of the individual appointed as a DMOR.

On 3 June 2016 at 0900 hrs in the Soldier Support Institute auditorium, Fort Jackson, SC, the 2016 Class of AG DMORs will be recognized during the AG Corps Hall of Fame (HOF) & DMOR Induction Ceremony. DMOR names will be permanently displayed in the AG School Hall of Honor. In the coming days, you will receive an e-mail invitation to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2016 HOFers and DMORs during AG Corps Regimental Week, with HOF & DMOR marquee events scheduled for 2-3 June 2016 at Fort Jackson and Columbia, SC. This year’s AG Corps marquee events include the following:

* Carolina Maude Foundation Golf Tournament, 2 June 2016, 1330 Hrs.

* AG Corps Hall of Fame & DMOR Induction Ceremony, 3 June 2016, 0900 Hrs.

* National AG Corps Regimental Ball, 3 June 2016, 1700 Hrs.

Again, congratulations to the 2016 Class of the AG Corps Distinguished Members of the Regiment.


v/r Mike Molosso

Michael R. Molosso

Deputy Commandant

U.S. Army Adjutant General School

10000 Hampton Parkway

Ft Jackson, SC 29207

803-751-8545 DSN 734

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