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AG Corps Hall of Fame & DMOR Program for 2016

[download id=”72″]Army HR, G1 and Band Leaders, and AG Retirees,

1. On behalf of COL Jack L. Usrey, Chief of the AG Corps, I am proud to announce the opening of AG Corps Hall of Fame (HOF) and Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) nominations for the Class of 2016. Our AG Corps HOF and DMOR MOI is attached with details on how to submit a HOF or DMOR nomination. Respectfully request dissemination of our MOI throughout your respective commands / organizations / agencies.

2. For 2016 we have also added a new HOF Veterans category.

Highlights of the HOF Veterans category can be found in paragraphs 4c and 6b of our MOI and as follows:

a. New this year is the HOF Veterans category. It is established to recognize AG Corps Soldiers and Civilian employees who are retired for 15 years or greater from the Army or DOD and have made positive, lasting and significant contributions to the AG Corps which truly perpetuate the history and traditions of the Corps.

b. The Chief of the Corps is the approval authority for HOF Veteran selections. The Chief of the Corps will convene a HOF Veterans Panel comprised of AG Corps HOF members to provide recommendations on HOF Veteran selections.

c. Like all inductees, HOF Veteran selects are automatically recognized as an AG Corps DMOR, if not already one.

3. Additionally, please note the following:

a. HOF and DMOR nominations are due 21 December 2015.

b. Nomination templates are found within the attached MOI.

4. HOF and DMOR selectees will be recognized at the AG Corps HOF and DMOR induction ceremony and National AG Ball, both of which are currently scheduled for 3 June 2016 at Fort Jackson and Columbia, SC, respectively. All HOF and DMOR inductees will also be recognized within the AG School’s Hall of Honor.

5. POCs at the AG School follow:

a. Primary – Bob Ortiz, (803) 751-8305 (DSN 734),

b. Secondary – Bill Villnow, (803) 751-8368 (DSN 734),

Defend and Serve!

v/r Mike

Michael R. Molosso

Deputy Commandant

U.S. Army Adjutant General School

10000 Hampton Parkway

Ft Jackson, SC 29207

803-751-8545 DSN 734

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