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AG Corps and AGCRA History Introduction

The Adjutant General’s Corps was created in 1775 before the United States declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776 and became a thriving nation.  The AG Corps is rich in history from our early predecessors like Horatio Gates (first AG of the Army), COL Timothy Pickering (sixth AG of the Army) and Pickering’s successor, COL Alexander Scammel (seventh AG of the Army), all who served with George Washington; to our modern day heroes like LTG Timothy Maude and SGM Larry Strickland, both killed in action on September 11, 2001 when terrorists crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into The Pentagon.

This portion of the Association’s web site will capture articles and historical events that walk us through our AG Corp’s and AGCRA’s history, prestige, culture and relevance to the Army, Nation, and Association members.

We also request that our prominent “Grey Beard” population contribute their stories when they were in uniform to provide a more personal perspective of our Corps’ distinguished past from those who walked before us.  Grey Beards can tell their story by submitting their article to or

The historical AG Corps and AGCRA articles posted here should resonate with all Army HR professionals, both Soldiers and Civilians, whether you serve in a support role of maintaining personnel readiness and preparing units to deployed, to the execution of direct HR support across the force either in garrison or in combat.  The AG Corps is truly unique in that not only must we serve as the human resources expert for our organization or unit, but we must be equally proficient and fully capable of placing ourselves in harm’s way and fight to defend the Nation.  The articles posted here amplifies the significance of our Corps’ impact to the Army and its readiness to protect our great country since the Revolutionary War to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Defend and Serve!

Adjutant General’s Corps March

In case you weren’t aware, the AG Corps has its own March.  In 1987 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN, the Army designated the AG Corps as a Regiment.  At the time, COL Frank C. Foster, Jr. was the Chief of the Corps and set about to create an AG Corps…

AG History Snippet – LTG Timothy J. Maude in Vietnam

The photo is of then 2LT Tim Maude (left), circa late 1967 or early 1968, participating in the dedication of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade headquarters at Camp Frenzell-Jones, Long Binh, Republic of Vietnam.  2LT Maude was the 199th Brigade Adjutant and was reading the dedication citation.  In the photo as…

AGCRA Chapter Lineage

The Chapter lineage provided below is compiled by the AGCRA Historian and Association files reviewed since AGCRA’s founding in 1987.  This Chapter linage is a living document and will continue to be updated.  Point of contact is the AGCRA historian at Aloha (Hawaii) 16 Nov 1991 – Chapter activated….

Army HRC Installs First Female CSM / Senior Enlisted Leader

During a ceremony hosted by MG Jason T. Evans, HRC Commanding General, held on Fort Knox, 17 January 2019, CSM Wardell Jefferson officially relinquished his duties to CSM Lynice Thorpe-Noel. “It is an honor to lead and continue the legacy of the 15 Command Sergeants Major before me who represented…

The American Revolution – The Army AG at Work

Researched by:  COL (Ret) Gary L. Gresh, Writer and Historian Colonel Timothy Pickering was the Adjutant General for General George Washington during much of the Revolutionary War.  He was a very special man educated at Harvard and eventually would also serve as both Secretary of War and as Secretary of State for President George Washington…

History – Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Activation

Photo above – MG William G. O’Leksy (far right) dedicated the Adjutant General’s Corps Colors and activated the Corps (Regiment) in ceremonies at Fort Benjamin Harrison on 17 June 1987. Photo by Shirley Startzman. By COL (Ret) Frank C. Foster, Jr. (Article first written and published in the Summer of 1987) On 17…

Adjutant General’s Corps History

The proud heritage of the Adjutant General’s Corps dates back to the formation of the American Army when on 16 June 1775, the Continental Congress established the position of Adjutant General on the staff of General George Washington.  On 17 June, Congress selected Horatio Gates, a former officer in the…