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AG School Launches Two New HR-Related Courses

By MAJ Terry Brannan

Fellow AG Leaders, I wanted to take this opportunity and write to you to highlight the two new, functional courses at the AG School: the Brigade S-1 Operations Course and the HR Plans and Operations Course.  So far, we’ve conducted five classes and have averaged about 16 students per class.  We are able to hold 30 per class.  For the Bde S-1 course, we forecasted training 300 students a year and for the HR Plans & Ops we forecasted training 240 students a year.  I want to encourage each of you to spread the word about these courses to your NCOICs and to all AG contacts you have in the Nat Guard and USAR.  I also want to encourage you to attend these courses, as you have time in your busy schedules.  Both of these courses came about from field feedback and to help bridge the training gap for S1s and Theater Sustainment operators.  Testimonials from those who’ve attended so far definitely point out the relevance of these two courses.

Some key items to keep in mind:

  1. These courses are functional, meaning they are tied to assignment in / pending assignment to a Bde S-1 Section or HR Organization / HR Staff (HROB, HRSC, MMT, TG PAT, HR Company).
  2. Both courses are for all three components.
  3. Both courses are only open for those who meet the prerequisites AND are serving in / projected to serve in the OIC, NCOIC, and Technician level at the BRIGADE S-1 level or the OIC, NCOIC, and Technician level at the top of HR ORGANIZATION / HR STAFF (HROB, HRSC, MMT, TG PAT, HR Company).

Please contact me or my deputy, Mr. Mike Henley at  if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you here.

For more information on the S1Net please visit: AG School Senior Leader Training Division

You can also read about these two new courses on the Army’s homepage – AG schoolhouse launches two new HR-related courses, Jan 5, 2011, By Army News Service, WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jan. 5, 2011)

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  1. I just wanted to leave a note. Currently in Fort Jackson for 42A ALC 2&3. COL Manning gave a great brief our first day. His brief about the AG Corp and the transforming HR operations and how he is directly involved in writing the FM 1-0 was inspiring and motivating. I joined the AG Corp Regimental Association yesterday. Even though I’m not affliated with any specific Chapter. I wanted to officially say I’m in the AG Corp. Being an AGR 42A in the USAR has given me many experiences and training to be able to critically assist our war fighters with excellence customer service. Mission Firt, Soldiers Always! Embrace the Challenge and Exceed the Standard!

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