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AGCRA Blog Corner

Welcome to the AGCRA Blog Corner where AG Soldiers and Army HR Professionals can write on pertinent Army HR topics that impact supporting Soldiers and their Families, AG professional development, and the discussion of new methods, improved techniques, developments, and other innovations designed to increase the efficiency of the United States Army while promoting high standards of proficiency in the Adjutant General’s Corps and the Army’s Human Resources Community.

The overall intent of the AGCRA Blog Corner is to:

Generate discussion through blogging.
Solicit ideas that support the betterment of the AG Corps or Army.
And/or provide recommendations and/or solutions to pressing Army HR challenges.

Please read through the lastest AGCRA blogs below and generate discussion through your feedback.

Leadership Development

By Tiffany Carty Leadership development expands an individual’s capacity and ability to perform in leadership roles within organizations. A leadership role could be formal in making decisions, taking responsibility and…