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AGCRA Regimental Store (Sutler Store) Information

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1. My name is Mrs. Barbara Bishop and I am the new POC for the AGCRA Sutler Store. I may be reached via email at, or by phone at 803-609-5147. Please disseminate the following information to Instructors, Students and any other interested personnel:

2. To schedule a class/large group to view items in the store a time will be coordinated by the class leader, assistant class leader, instructor, assistant instructor or an appointed representative. Please do not wait until the day before or the day of graduation to view items or make a purchase. That causes all to rush and could cause issues with processing payment s for orders.

3. Currently the website ( is under construction. The items on the website are for VIEWING ONLY. No ordering for the AGCRA Sutler Store can be made through the website EXCEPT for the AG Corps Print. POC for the prints is Mrs. Teri Meagher:, 803-351-5810.

4. Ordering proceedures for students and classes/large groups:

a. Orders are placed with payment and are turned in by the designated representative (class leader, class instructor/advisor, etc).

b. Orders are filled and packaged.

c. The POC will contact the designated class/group representative for coordination of picking up the orders.

5. Ordering proceedures for other purchases:

a. Sutler Store items can be ordered over the phone or through email (see Para. 1 above).

b. Payment method with be coordinated with POC.

c. Items ordered will be filled and packaged for shipment.

d. Shipping/mailing fees are included in the cost of the items.

6. Attached is the most current AGCRA Sutler Store Price List and Order Form.


Barbara A.Bishop
AGCRA Sutler Store POC

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