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AGCRA Virtual Race #4 – We Are AG!

AG Corps Soldiers, Families, and Friends,

The time has come to launch our fourth AGCRA Virtual Race in support of the AGCRA Scholarship Program.  We have partnered with Yes.Fit to host the race on their website.  They were part of our success when we did our first 2018 AGCRA Virtual Race in celebration of the Army Warrant Officers’ 100th Birthday.

The wait is over and we can release those walking and/or running shoes to do what they do best!  We have 1,000 medals for 1,000 participants, BUT, if you show us AG Corps strength in numbers, we have no problem going back to order more!

The month of September belongs to our AG Professional Association.  What does this mean?  The only way to access the race is in Yes.Fit through the link below.  You can share with your friends and anyone else that wants to join you.  This race is not limited to AG personnel only.  Everyone is welcome!  Yes.Fit will give AGCRA a large portion of the registration sales during the month of September.  So, the more folks we bring in, the larger the amount we get for AGCRA scholarships.  We need each of you to go out and recruit some folks to join us in this race.  Here is the link:

On 1 October 2022, all Yes.Fit members will be able to see and join this race.  I can tell you from experience that military-themed races on Yes.Fit sells extremely fast.  So don’t wait until later!

As an incentive from the Yes.Fit team, we can use the code WEAREAG for $5.00 against our final registration price.  There are some online discounts you may be able to use in conjunction with the $5.00.  Just be aware that you will not be able to redeem any other online codes if you use the WEAREAG code.

But this does not end here… If you sign up during the month of September, Yes.Fit will add you to a drawing for a free medal rack like the one attached to this message!  Talk about winning!

Additionally, if you feel inclined to add an additional amount to your registration for the AGCRA Scholarship Fund, there are three add-ons:  $5, $10, and $20 dollars. Not mandatory, but available for you to select.

Do not forget that we are also hosting individual distance competitions for an additional handmade medal for those that finish in the Top-3 male/female.  Another cool and beautiful device to add to your collection.  You can register for these distance competitions through our Facebook page (  I am sure some of you would love to add an extra medal to your medal rack, or if you are lucky, to your “new” medal rack from Yes.Fit.

So, it’s time to open those web browsers, sign up for AGCRA Virtual Race #4 and join the group as we celebrate our people and our accomplishments.

We Are AG!

Thank you and hope to see you as a participant!


CW5 (Ret) Dave Betancourt

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