Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

ARSOF Chapter SITREP to the USASOC Commander

The AGCRA ARSOF Chapter, located at Fort Bragg, NC, provided the following SITREP to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) CG.

In June of 2018, the ARSOF Chapter was legitimized by constructing and establishing its Constitution and By-Laws in an effort to provide AGCRA memberships to HR professionals serving in the SOCOM enterprise, or SOF community.  The goals and aspirations of the ARSOF Chapter serves as a fraternal bond formed by shared experiences where the commonalities of our environment, mission, locality, and structure create a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.  The Chapter was previously designed as a virtual Chapter and mainly provided coverage for the SOF community in terms of AGCRA awards and recognition initiatives.  This is important because existing Chapters, such as the Iron Mike Chapter (also located at Fort Bragg), would often unintentionally limit their memberships to Fort Bragg personnel only.  This excluded HR professionals serving in SOF communities in a variety of other locations that did not have existing or operational Chapters at their locations.  CW4 Rijkse (USASOAC G1 Strength Manager and President of the ARSOF Chapter), and CW3 Tuchtenhagen (USASOC G1 HR Tech and VP of the ARSOF Chapter), legitimized the Chapter and recruited council members.
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  Current initiatives include membership drives, fundraisers, and other volunteer-initiatives to support the local communities.
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  Moreover, the ARSOF Chapter developed and activated a website under the AGCRA National Chapter for interested members to have access to our initiatives and participate in Chapter events.  The ARSOF Chapter’s goal is to give HR professionals (Soldiers and DA Civilians) serving with the SOF Community an opportunity to network and participate in our events, while having the ability to recognize their participation and efforts for the AGCRA.

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2 thoughts on “ARSOF Chapter SITREP to the USASOC Commander”

  1. Love the SITREP and pic. Keep up the great work. I was at Bragg yesterday as a guest of the Iron Mike Chapter; hope to do the same with your chapter in the near future!
    Defend and Serve!
    Rob Manning

  2. Again, great SITREP! Hope your CG appreciated it and is supporting your Chapter. I am looking for more photos and stories at this site that tell your story; let’s load them up!!! Love the logo. I am proud of the work the ARSOF TEAM is doing to connect your entire community. Thanks for the invite to visit you next month!
    Defend and Serve!
    Rob Manning

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