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Event details of the national Ball

The National Ball
Prepare yourself for the best in military pomp and circumstance, and even we can only hope Horatio Gates himself would be honored to attend. On June 3, 2022, we will convene at the largest event venue available in AGCRA’s headquarters home of Columbia, South Carolina, the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center at 1101 Lincoln Street.

Expect the Ball to be at capacity, for as much as we wish every member could attend, the lucky 800 who will be able to participate is the maximum allowed. Fortunately, there are 14 hotels within a mile of the convention center. Please make sure to get your reservations in now so you have a place to stay.

Check the event details below:

What: The AGCRA 2022 National Ball
When: June 3, 2022, 1700 hours
Where: Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

If you need any help, have questions, or just want to share kudos for what you see coming, don’t stop now. Reach out to us at any time.