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Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):  4,000 – The AGCRA Membership Drive is Upon Us!

Members of the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA),

The AGCRA Membership Drive is upon us from 1 September to 31 October 2019.  This is the number, 4,000, that we are asking all AGCRA members to focus on.  We set 4,000 members as an objective to reach by the end of 2019 as part of our strategic goal to grow the AGCRA.  This objective should be easy to meet given that we are currently sitting near 3,500 members, but we absolutely need and we are asking for your help to ensure we get there.  

Why are we making growing the AGCRA a top priority and why 4,000 by the end of the year?   It is simple, the AG Corps is the best in the Army!  As such, the AG Corps deserves a great Professional Association to support it, that Association being the AGCRA.

I am asking every AGCRA member from General Officer / SES to Private, from every Retiree to the newest Soldiers and Leaders graduating from AIT, ALC, SLC, WOBC, BOLC, and AGCCC, from octogenarians to twenty somethings, from Active to Reserve, from Guard to Civilians, and from the Band community to Recruiters, and anyone else who cares about the AG Corps and the AGCRA to recruit one new member between now and the end of the year. 

All that is required is for you to sit down for a few minutes between now and the end of the year and talk to a prospective member who is already a part of our Corps and persuade him or her to join their Professional Association.  I ask that you relate your personal AG story to the prospective member and let him or her know why you are an AG and how the AGCRA can benefit them.  Need help discussing AGCRA benefits, then please review our link below.

What Does AGCRA Offer Me?

The AGCRA exists to support the AG Corps and should serve as an advocate and force multiplier for the Corps.  As such, we are in the process of changing the AGCRA business model.  We want a dynamic and relevant Association that is more responsive to you.  Therefore, you should expect action and results from your AGCRA.  We also need new volunteers to get after the following AGCRA initiatives:

  • AGCRA Outreach – We are interested in your insight about improving our reach to AG Soldiers and Army HR Professionals.  In addition to, we also have an AGCRA Facebook page, AGCRA Twitter account, and we’re connected to S1Net.

  • Army HR Professional Development & Networking – We want to provide HR professional development (PD) and networking opportunities for AG Soldiers, not just on a national level, but at the regional or local level as well; to include former 42A Soldiers that have already separated or retired from service.  AGCRA can also provide funding support for PD / networking opportunities through our membership program and Army-wide Chapters to support this initiative.

  • HR Certification – Civilian HR certifications are essential for transitioning AG Soldiers seeking private sector or DA civilian careers.  We seek to partner with organizations like the AG School and SHRM to connect and support Soldiers seeking HR certifications.

  • Army HR Tactical Tools of the Trade – AGCRA can be an advocate or resource in making Army HR tools more readily available and easy to find for junior and mid-grade cohorts of the AG Corps.

  • Bloggers –  We would like to establish interested Army HR bloggers on to discuss relevant and pertinent HR issues that impact the Army HR Community today.

The AGCRA continues to explore new ways to reach out to the AG Corps and we are looking to structure ourselves to become more responsive to you.  I encourage all members to visit our new website and while you are there update your membership account information.  We welcome any input that will make the AGCRA better. 

So, what is your AG Story?  Each of you has one, so why not share your Army HR / AG Stories and experiences?  You can do this through our magazine (1775 at, our social media sites (send to, so, we ask you to submit them.  

We have an aggressive agenda before us.  So, let this serve as a Clarion Call for action to grow the AGCRA and to make it more relevant so that it can serve as the primary vehicle that enables us all to stay connected to the AG Corps for Life, a Corps that I know we all love and revere. 

Thank you in advance for helping us go after 4,000 members.  Now, let’s get to 4,000!

Our best days will always be in front of us! 

Defend and Serve!

Rob Manning
AG Soldier for Life
AGCRA Lifetime Member

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AGCRA Membership Drive 1 Sept – 31 Oct 2019

The AGCRA President has set a goal of 4,000 AGCRA members by the end of 2019.  So the Association will conduct its next membership drive on 1 September – 31 October 2019.  The membership drive is also an excellent opportunity for Chapters to raise funds for their respective treasury.  There are two ways to raise Chapter funds:

1.  Grant #1 – Be one of the top three AGCRA Chapters that produce the largest net gain in overall membership proceeds raised with a minimum of $1,000.00 in net proceeds.

1st Place Chapter:  $1,500
2nd Place Chapter:  $1,000
3rd Place Chapter:  $500

2.  Grant #2 – Be one of the top three AGCRA Chapters that produce the largest percentage gains in membership to their local Chapter (to include both new and renewed members).  To qualify, Chapters must have a minimum of fifteen (15) new members or renewals.

1st Place Chapter:  $750
2nd Place Chapter:  $500
3rd Place Chapter:  $250

3.  Note – a Chapter can only win in one of the two Grants listed above.

The following documents provide guidance for the membership drive.


AGCRA Hard Copy Membership Application (Note – for efficiency, we encourage everyone to join or renew your AGCRA membership at the following link:  AGCRA Membership)

AGCRA Member Benefits

4.  Starting and ending Chapter membership numbers will be tied to Chapter affiliation within our AGCRA membership database.  Please remind anyone you recruit or who renews their membership to complete the Chapter affiliation field within their membership account at

5.  Again, we encourage everyone to join or renew AGCRA membership at the following link:  AGCRA Membership

POC is the AGCRA VP, Membership at

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The AGCRA Rocket City Chapter Co-hosted their 5th Annual Black Tie Charity Ball

By CW4 (Ret) Sheren Roberts

On 3 August 2019, the AGCRA Rocket City Chapter co-hosted their 5th Annual Black Tie Charity Ball (BTCB) with the Legacy for Korean War Veterans Foundation (L4KWVF) and the Army Space Professionals Association (ASPA).

The Annual Black Tie Charity Ball fundraising event provides financial support to selected Tennessee Valley nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to all Veterans and serving Soldiers and Civilians – Active Duty, Retirees and their Families.  This formal event is dedicated to enriching the quality of life of our Soldiers, Veterans, and Families.

To date the BTCB has raised over $65,000 for local Veteran organizations in the Tennessee Valley.  This year’s guest speaker was Mr. Ronnie Chronister, Senior Vice President for Contracts at Dynetics Incorporated and the former Deputy to the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command / Army Forces Strategic Command (SMDC / ARSTRAT).  Mr. Chronister’s speech was heartfelt and poignant.  He emphasized the importance of Veterans to tell their stories so that future generations will remember the sacrifices made and honor those who served before us.

This year’s proceeds benefited four deserving local organizations:  Forever Young Senior Veterans in Alabama, Rolling Thunder, Still Serving Veterans, and Women Veterans Interactive.

Forever Young Senior Veterans in Alabama’s mission is to bring honor, healing, and hope to Senior Veterans in the North Alabama area.  The all-volunteer staff works to end the silent suffering of WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans by granting their unfulfilled dreams, returning them to the places where they fought, and giving them the opportunity to heal from unresolved combat stress and other issues related to their service.

In attendance from Forever Young Senior Veterans in Alabama this year were 12 WWII Veterans, 2 Korean War Veterans, and 3 Vietnam Veterans.  The Rocket City Chapter sponsored 8 WWII Veterans from Forever Young Senior Veterans to attend the event.

In attendance at the Rocket City Black Tie Charity Ball from Forever Young Senior Veterans in Alabama this year were 12 WWII Veterans, 2 Korean War Veterans and 3 Vietnam Veterans.

Rolling Thunder’s mission is to publicize the POW / MIA (Prisoner of War / Missing in Action) issues, to educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars, to help correct the past, and to protect the future Veterans from being left behind should they become POWs or MIAs, and to helping American Veterans from all wars.

The mission of Still Serving Veterans is to serve and honor Veterans and their Families by empowering them to build meaningful lives through connections, to fulfilling careers, benefits, and services; and to proactively strengthen Veteran communities through leadership and collaboration.

The mission of Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) is to meet Women Veterans at their points of need through advocacy, empowerment, interaction, outreach, and unification.  WVI addresses the unique, and often unrecognized, challenges facing our nation’s 2.3 million Women Veterans as they return to civilian life.

Also in attendance were 10 Veterans from the Tut Fann Veteran’s Home in Alabama (6 Vietnam Veterans, 3 Korean War Veterans, and 1 WWII Veteran).  The Rocket City Chapter sponsored 8 Veterans from the Home to attend the Ball.

This event continues to grow in attendance each year.  The Rocket City Chapter members work tirelessly throughout the year to make this event special for all attendees, emphasizing the importance of taking care of our Veterans and their Families and preserving our history for future generations.

The Rocket City Chapter BTCB Committee includes CW4 (Ret) EuGene Roberts, President; CW4 (Ret) Sheren Roberts, Vice President; SGM (Ret) Charlie Hardin, Vice President for Marketing and PAO; MSG (Ret) Chenita Henderson, Treasurer and MC for the event; SFC (Ret) Cedric Thomas, Executive Vice President for Operations and DJ for the event; and Tora Henry, Vice President of Ceremonies and Special Events.

Pictured are AGCRA Rocket City Chapter members of the Black Tie Charity Ball Committee that made the event possible.

As members of the AG Corps it is our duty and responsibility to remain relevant in our communities, to support Veteran Organizations and assist former Veterans using our military HR knowledge.  Not all MOSs are privy to the knowledge and benefits that the AG Corps possesses.  Be that Champion in your community or to that one Veteran, you never know the impact that your knowledge can have on someone’s life.

AG Strong.

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