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AGCRA Membership Drive 1 Feb – 15 Mar 2019

AGCRA will conduct its next membership drive on 1 Feb – 15 Mar 2019. The membership drive is an excellent opportunity for Chapters to raise funds for their respective treasury. There are three ways to raise Chapter funds:

1.  Grant #1 – Be one of the top three AGCRA Chapters that produce the largest net gain in overall membership proceeds raised with a minimum of $1,000.00 in net proceeds.

1st Place Chapter: $ 2,500
2nd Place Chapter: $ 1,500
3rd Place Chapter: $ 1,000

2.  Grant #2 – Be one of the top three AGCRA Chapters that produce the largest percentage gains in membership to their local Chapter (to include both new and renewed members).

1st Place Chapter: $ 750
2nd Place Chapter: $ 500
3rd Place Chapter: $ 250

3.  Note – a Chapter can only win in one of the two Grants listed above.

4.  For AGCRA Chapters that do not qualify for the above grants, they will receive a monetary reward for each new membership or renewal gained during the membership drive period. Chapters winning one of the grants listed above are exempt from this monetary reward.

The following documents provide guidance for the membership drive.

AGCRA Membership Drive MOI

AGCRA Membership Application

AGCRA Member Benefits


5.  Starting and ending Chapter membership numbers will be tied to Chapter affiliation within our membership database. Please remind anyone you recruit or who renews their membership to complete the Chapter affiliation field within their membership account at

6.  We encourage everyone to join or renew at

POC is the Association Adjutant at

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AG Corps Creed – Do you have the correct version?

AG Corps Leaders,

Really need you help with getting the newest version of the AG Corps Creed to our Soldiers.  Posted on ACT and the link at the bottom is the “new – now 6 months old” AG Corps Creed.  This creed has been sent over e-mail and given at last year’s State of the Corps address and yet we still have AG Soldiers using the “old” Creed version during events.

Please get the updated AG Corps Creed to all Soldiers in our Corps and let your local AGCRA Chapter Presidents know the attached is the only authorized AG Corps Creed.  This Creed was approved by the Chief of the Corps on 22 June 2018.

Thanks in advance.

AG Corps Creed (Revised 22 June 2018)

Defend and Serve!

CSM Corey W. Gill, AG Corps & AG School Command Sergeant Major

AG Corps CSM

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