Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

Local AGCRA Chapters are the Lifeblood of the Association

The goals and aspirations of the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA) can best be served by Chapters in the field, which are organized and activated to build a network of motivated and interested members in their local areas. The fraternal bond formed by shared experiences and solved problems can be found at the Chapter level, where the commonalities of environment, mission, locality and structure create a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.

Ultimately, the true strength of the Association will be determined by active Chapters and their programs, not by the Association’s central headquarters. Chapters will guide the Association to maturity through increased membership, support for and education of AG / HR Soldiers and Department of the Army (DA) Civilian (DAC) employees, and development of activities and programs designed to meet the needs and desires of members to be served locally.

It is critical to first understand that AGCRA and its associated Chapters are “not” official Army entities. AGCRA and its Chapters are U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved military non-profit organizations that must consistently check with and comply with local installation guidance and policy on operations and activities on military installations or within the Department of Defense (DoD) environment. Chapter Guidelines are rules approved by the Association’s National Executive Council (NEC), but these rules must also be validated with local installation authorities.



Applications from new members cannot be allowed to languish in an administrative backlog at the Chapter’s location.

Chapter Addendums or Chapter Constitution and Bylaws:

Constitution and Bylaws Addendums, or separate Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, are the official and legally binding rules by which Chapters operate. They should not be too detailed or restrictive. Chapters must also check with and comply with local installation guidance and policy on operations and activities as a non-profit organization.

Changes of Address:

An organization that moves its people as much as the Army presents a constant challenge for its affiliates to live with. Nothing is more distracting for the Association than members moving and failing to update their membership mailing address. The urban legend that persists with AGCRA members is that the Association automatically keeps up with PCS moves and changes of addresses because we’re affiliated with the Army; as a non-profit organization this is “not” true. Chapters can help to avoid this problem by emphasizing changes of address to members and updating their Chapter affiliation at the Association’s website within the Member’s Section.


True growth and progress within the Association occurs through increased membership. Chapters must assume an active role in recruiting new members. It is not a job that the Association National Executive Council can do from afar.


Poor record keeping is the quickest way to find trouble. Financial matters must be fully documented and properly recorded in perpetuity and must comply with local installation guidance and policy.


Reputations are earned, not given. Leaders must be very careful to avoid the stigma that the Chapter is an ‘officers’ organization. Share leader jobs and other responsibilities among all segments of the membership, including Retirees.

Sharing the Workload:

The tendency to let or ask one or two members in each Chapter to do all the work must be overcome. Share the wealth, the glory and the burden.


The Association and its Chapters are nonprofit organizations. The AG Corps itself is the official government entity. The Association and Chapters are privately funded as non-profit organizations. The Corps is funded with appropriated monies from Department of Defense. Work done on behalf of the Association or its Chapters must be voluntary, and a Chapter insurance policy protects members from liability. Work done for the Corps is protected from liability by the federal government.

The Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA), also known as the Association, truly appreciates the enthusiasm when members desire to activate an AGCRA Chapter.  If you have a handful of AG Soldiers, Army Civilian HR Professionals, or volunteers as dedicated as you, then activating or re-establishing an AGCRA Chapter is more than doable.

Things to remember:

  1. If you plan to operate your Chapter at a military facility or on a military installation, please ensure you or your Chapter Adjutant has a good working relationship with the local military MWR Office, especially if you plan on executing any Chapter (non-profit organization) fund raising activities.You must be careful that you don’t unintentionally compete with the PX, Commissary, or any other installation MWR entity.
  2. Each Chapter is required to have its own set of Constitution and Bylaws, or a Chapter Addendum to the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws.You can either use the National Association’s documents (attached) as your Chapter’s governing documents; or anything that deviates from the National Association’s documents requires the Chapter to establish its own Constitution and Bylaws and gain approval from the Association’s National Executive Council (NEC), and the local military installation MWR Office if you plan to operate the Chapter on the installation.
  3. Our AGCRA membership database has a Chapter affiliation field that individual members are responsible for filling out.Please remind your Chapter members to complete their Chapter affiliation when the Chapter is approved for activation.
  4. You will need to ensure that all Chapter Officers are AGCRA members.You’d be surprised at the number of Chapter Officers who don’t realize their memberships have expired.
  5. Additionally, you will need to ensure that the charter members of the proposed new Chapter are current members of the AGCRA. The minimum number of members required to start a chapter is 15 (the more, the better!).
Local Chapter awards members at a recent breakfast event

The ultimate success of the Association and the satisfaction of its members will relate directly to the efforts put forth by the Chapters in the field. Growth in membership, continuing education, professional development, networking ideas, improving programs, and perpetuating the AG Corps and Regiment are functions and responsibilities that the Association can advocate, but only its Chapters can effectuate.

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AGCRA Breakfast Highlights AG Professionalism

Fort Jackson NCO Club. Chief Warrant Officer Five, retired, Coral Jones was the keynote speaker at the Carolina Chapter Breakfast held as part of AG Week.  Marittsa Flowers, President of the Carolina Chapter, said that she was privileged to introduce the guest speaker and lauded her many contributions to the Corps as well as highlighting some key tributes from colleagues of Jones, past and present.

CW5(ret) Coral Jones address the AGCRA Carolina Chapter Breakfast as part of AG Week.
CW5(ret) Coral Jones accepts a recognition for serving as guest speaker for the AGCRA Carolina Chapter Breakfast June 21, 2018

CW5(ret) Jones started by conveying her acknowledgment that the most recent issue of 1775 is dedicated to the AG NCO and celebrated the work and professionalism of the NCO Corps. However, she abruptly threw in, to the laughter and delight of the crowd, she was of course going to focus on the great contributions of the Warrant Officer.  Among the many points she delivered she mentioned that the Warrant Officer Corps celebrates its centennial anniversary this year and gave great examples of the expertise and dedication of the Warrant Officers and the overall impact the Corps has had on both the Adjutant General’s Corps and the United States Army.

She highlighted firsts in AG history including the first AG Warrant assigned to the Congressional Liaison Office, the first in a Training with Industry Program, and the first to receive the professional HR certification in a deployed theater, among other notable firsts. She then asked the group to consider “What is our purpose?”  She explained that one should not mistake what you are for versus what you do.  She said, “Many answer the question, “what is your purpose?” with their job duties and what they do.  Those are not the same.” She went on to say that the AG Corps and the AG Warrants in particular are called to be a link and a focal point for their organizations.  That they should strive to be the technical experts.

Ms. Flowers, Carolina Chapter President presents a commemorative plaque to the guest speaker.

She added great humor and some irreverence which was captured on a Live Facebook feed in her short address to a distinguished group that included members of the Carolina Chapter, the National Executive Council, and inductees to the 2018 Hall of Fame and Distinguished Members of the Corps all gathering as part of the AG week festivities.  In addition to her address, several Soldiers, past and present were presented with AG Regimental Awards including the Horatio Gates Gold, Bronze and Honorary Medals, and the Colonel Robert Manning Achievement Medal during the breakfast.

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Potomac Chapter hosts Maude Golf Tournament

The Potomac Chapter of the AGCRA held a Maude Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, April 27, 2018 at The Course at Andrews, Andrews AFB.

Golfers check in for the tournament. Photos by Daniel Yeadon

The Potomac Chapter Council would like to thank our Corporate sponsors, ASM Research and CACI, for supporting the event in support of the Maude Memorial Fund. Despite the wet start to the day over 40 golfers braved the weather conditions, allowing the chapter to raise $6,000.00 for the event.

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