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AGCRA Awards Program – Some Do’s & Don’ts

If you are planning to submit someone for an AGCRA award, here are some Do’s & Don’ts to help you through the approval process:

1.  Too many AGCRA award recommendations are submitted on non-members or people who started a membership application but didn’t complete it.  Individuals submitting awards should ensure that the nominee’s Association membership is current.  You can check the nominee’s membership by e-mailing or  Awards are delayed when there are membership issues that need to be resolved prior to the award presentation date.

2.  The Horatio Gates Bronze Medal requires significant contributions to AGCRA over an extended period of time.  The Gates Gold requires extraordinary contributions over an extended period of time.  When AGCRA contributions (e.g., serving as a Chapter Officer, lead / organizer for Chapter or Association events (examples – AG Ball, Breakfast, Luncheon)) is not mentioned in a Gates Medal recommendation, the award will not be approved by the National Executive Council (NEC).

3.  Award timeline submission – the earlier the award is submitted, the easier it is and less expensive it is to process.  Once received, processing the award, reviewing to ensure it meets all criteria, verifying membership, and getting it voted by the NEC takes time.  Approved awards with medals and certificates are not shipped until payment is received.

4.  When all requirements are met, the award certificate is prepared, and the medal is assembled and packaged for mailing.  First Class and Priority postage is included in the cost of the award.  If expedited postage is needed because of a late submission, the recommender submitting the award pays for the additional postage.

5.  Every March through July is our awards busy season.  Please submit early!

POC for the AGCRA Awards Program can be reached at


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We have a new web page on that is dedicated to the history of the AG Corps and AGCRA.  Historical posts can now be found under the “News & Publications” button at the top of our Home Page (click History).

This portion of the Association’s web site will capture articles and historical events that walk us through our AG Corp’s history, prestige, culture and relevance to the Army and the Nation, as well as how the AGCRA was created and thrives today.

We also request that our prominent “Grey Beard” population contribute their stories when they were in uniform to provide a more personal perspective of our Corps’ distinguished past from those who walked before us.  Grey Beards can tell their story by submitting their respective article to or

The historical AG Corps and AGCRA articles posted on the History web page should resonate with all Army HR professionals, both Soldiers and Civilians, whether you serve in a support role of maintaining personnel readiness and preparing units to deployed, to the execution of direct HR support across the force either in garrison or in combat.

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AGCRA Chapter Recognition Program – FY 2017 Results

The AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC) is pleased to announce the winning Chapters for the Association’s annual Chapter Recognition Program for fiscal year (FY) 2017, the second year of the Program.  AGCRA Chapters competed in either the large or small Chapter category per the Association’s MOI, and the NEC selected the two top Chapters in each category.

Chapter of the Year in the large Chapter category for FY 2017 is the National Capital Region’s Potomac Chapter – which was the runner up in this category for FY 2016.  Runner-up in the large Chapter category for FY 2017 is the Carolina Chapter, based at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  The Carolina Chapter was the large Chapter of the Year winner for 2016.

In the small Chapter category, Chapter of the Year for FY 2017, for the second year in a row, is Redstone Arsenal’s Rocket City Chapter.  The Old Dominion Chapter, based at Fort Pickett, Virginia, is the small Chapter category runner-up for FY 2017.

Each of the Chapters of the Year will receive a $1,000 award from the NEC.  The runners-up Chapters will each receive a $750 award.

The Chapter Recognition Program was established by the NEC in late 2015 to encourage and support Association Chapters to remain active and consistently engaged in Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association membership recruitment and professional development efforts.  Historically, the strength of many AGCRA Chapters ebbed and flowed between active and inactive status based on deployments, reassignments, and OPTEMPO, as well as frequent turnover of Chapter Officers.  The NEC saw a need to provide recognition, incentive and rewards for Chapters that remained active and engaged despite personnel turnover.

For the inaugural year of the Chapter Recognition Program (FY 2016) results were tabulated based upon free-form historical reports submitted by participating Chapters, as well as input on key performance metrics from the NEC.  For fiscal year 2017 and beyond, the NEC requires Chapters to submit a fill-in-the-blank form for uniformity and ease of submission.

For Fiscal Year 2018 (the third year of the program), Chapters are asked to return the fill-in-the-blank report format by 31 December 2018.

The AGCRA POC for the Chapter Recognition Program is our VP, History at

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