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AG Corps History Snippet – Horatio Gates

From COL Holly A. Gay – I was going through photos for my retirement program and I found this one.  My sister moved to Shepherdstown, WV in 2011.  As you drive to her house (about 3 miles away) – there is this sign.  I thought I would pass it along since I think it’s kind of cool… who knew right?

In case it’s difficult to read, the citation reads:  “Travelers’ Rest” – Home of Gen. Horatio Gates, built on land bought, 1763.  Gates once a British officer, joined the Revolutionary Army, and was the leader of the Continentals in decisive victory over Gen. Burgoyne at Saratoga.  (1/2 Mi. S.W.)

The sign is located on the Kearneysville Pike (also known as Leestown Road or 480).

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Adjutant General’s Corps March

In case you weren’t aware, the AG Corps has its own March.  In 1987 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN, the Army designated the AG Corps as a Regiment.  At the time, COL Frank C. Foster, Jr. was the Chief of the Corps and set about to create an AG Corps Regimental March.  CPT William A. Foss came up with the music and COL Foster provided the words; hence, the AG Corps Regimental March was born.

For your use and download we have two versions of the March – with words and with music only.  The two versions are provided below.  AGCRA thanks LTC (Ret) Laura Bozeman and CW5 (Ret) Dave Ratliff for the two versions of the AG Corps March below.

With Words:

Music Only:

Note – the re-publication of AR 870-21, The U.S. Army Regimental System on 13 April 2017, officially dropped the term “Regiment” for the AG Corps.  The AG Corps is now listed as a separate “Corps” within the regulation, so the AG Corps Regimental March is now the AG Corps March.

Additionally, AGCRA will retain the term “Regiment” in its title for historical purposes as the Association was founded in 1987. 

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AG History Snippet – LTG Timothy J. Maude in Vietnam

The photo is of then 2LT Tim Maude (left), circa late 1967 or early 1968, participating in the dedication of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade headquarters at Camp Frenzell-Jones, Long Binh, Republic of Vietnam.  2LT Maude was the 199th Brigade Adjutant and was reading the dedication citation.  In the photo as well is the 199th Commander, BG Robert Forbes (center). 

The 199th established its first and only Brigade Main Base, or BMB, several klicks northeast of Saigon and Bien Hoa called Camp Frenzell-Jones.  The BMB was named after two of the Brigade’s early combat casualties from Alpha Company, 4-12 Infantry, PFC Herbert E Frenzell and SPC Billy C. Jones.  The camp consisted of 513 acres and included fixed and rotary wing runways.  The camp was also across the road from Ho Nai Village, which was a main enemy infiltration corridor into Saigon (source – Camp Frenzell-Jones).

The dedication plaque at Camp Frenzell-Jones read as follows:

2LT Maude went on to achieve a stellar 35-year Army career and attained the rank of LTG.  He became the Army G1 in August 2000.  He was killed in action September 11, 2001 during the terrorist attack on The Pentagon.  Throughout his Army career, LTG Maude always said that his highest priority was taking care of the heart of the Army, both Soldiers and their Families; a job he loved with great passion.  LTG Maude was first and foremost a Soldier.  His peers remember his usual introduction as, “I’m Tim Maude and I’m a Soldier.”

The photo of 2LT Maude was provided by COL (Ret) Wayne H. Morris, AG Corps Hall of Fame, Class of 2014.  COL (Ret) Morris served in Vietnam with LTG Maude in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade.

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