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The Army People Strategy

HR Leaders, Please see The Army People Strategy (attached below). We as HR Leaders are at the forefront to employ this new strategy.  We must understand that as HR Professionals we are also the spotlight to implementing and ensuring the success of The Army People Strategy. Respectfully, SGM Scott D. Lesch Proponency/Leader Development Division Soldier ... Read more
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Maude Leadership Lecture Series – 5 November 2019

On behalf of the Commandant of the Adjutant General School, Fort Jackson, SC, you are cordially invited to the Fall 2019 Maude Leadership Lecture Series to be held on the 5th of November at 1500 hrs at the Solomon Center, Fort Jackson, SC

The Maude Leadership Lecture Series is held twice a year at Fort Jackson, SC and is held in honor of the LTG Timothy J. Maude, the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, who was killed in the attack on the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001.  The mission of the lecture series is to provide Soldiers, leaders, and community members with increased opportunities to enhance their leadership skills by engaging with military and civilian senior leaders. 

The guest speak for this iteration of the Maude lecture is the Honorable Kevin A. Shwedo, the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army.  Please RSVP no later than October 21st by using the link below.

Maude Leadership Lecture Series Invitation

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42A SFC Board Analysis FY19

AG NCOs, Please see attached 42A SFC Promotion Board Analysis for FY 19.  There were 379 42A3s considered and 354 were selected for a selection rate of 93.4%.  With the high selection rate this analysis may not project a clear snapshot of the difference between those selected and those considered and not selected, but it ... Read more
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