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DA PAM 600-25 Smart Book

The DA PAM 600-25 Smart Book has been updated on milSuite and can be viewed at the following link:

Once page opens, click-on CMF 42 Human Resources and Musician.

Most HR NCOs / Specialists and Musicians are not familiar with this publication and I would recommend everyone taking a look and informing subordinates for this drives the 42 Professional Development Model (PDM).

The 42 PDM has been updated IAW the DA PAM 600-25 Smart Book and can be viewed on the ACT 42A Community Following Page at the following link: 

Please note that while this document does not prescribe the path of assignment or educational assignments that will guarantee success, it does describe the full spectrum of developmental opportunities NCOs can expect throughout a career.


SGM Scott D. Lesch
Proponency and Leader Development Division
Adjutant General School, Soldier Support Institute
Fort Jackson, SC
Comm:  803-751-8368

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