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Gold Vault Chapter Celebrates its First Annual Fort Knox AG Week

By: COL Christine V. Enriquez

The AGCRA Gold Vault Chapter (GVC) at Fort Knox held its first annual AG Week from 23-26 April 2019.  The Chapter has celebrated an annual AG Ball and GVC Golf Tournament for the past eight years, however 2019 was the first year the GVC convened a formal week of AG activities.  The previous Commanding General, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, MG Jason T. Evans, graciously agreed to have HRC host the AG Week activities.  The GVC President, CSM Lynice Thorpe Noel (HRC Command Sergeant Major), welcomed all attendees, both local and worldwide to the week of AG activities.

The 2019 Fort Knox GVC AG Week consisted of an AG Ice Breaker, AG Athletics, Leader Professional Development sessions, AG Bowling Night, an AG Senior Leader General Officer Panel, and culminated with the Annual GVC AG Ball.  Due to inclement weather, the GVC Golf Tournament was postponed to 23 June 2019.

The AG Week theme was “AG Heroes Amongst Us” and the theme permeated during the week.  During AG Athletics, led by SGM Pamela Duggan (EPMD Sergeant Major), AG Warriors dressed up as their favorite super heroes to run relay races, participated in Zumba, compete in corn hole and volleyball, and complete a Fun Run / Walk.  Later that day, LTC Leslie DeSander (Soldier Support Branch Chief, EPMD) and LTC (P) Miles Gengler (AG Branch Chief, OPMD) provided Enlisted and Officer Branch Briefs.  CW4 Astra Williams gave an informative Warrant Officer briefing, Mr. Jamie Worthy educated attendees on the Civilian Work Force Development Program, and COL Mark Viney (Chief, Field Services Division, TAGD) provided MilPay and HR Transformation briefings.

Fort Knox tenant units, visiting AG leaders, and HRC personnel had the opportunity to ask AG General Officers an array of questions on 26 April during an AG GO senior leader panel.  The panel members consisted of MG Evans, BG Twanda “Tia” Young (HRC Deputy Commanding General), BG Robert Bennett (The Adjutant General), and BG Douglas Stitt (Director, OPMD).  COL Elmore J. Jones, the Director, EPMD also fielded questions from the audience.  Topics included the new Academic Evaluation Report, the upcoming Army Combat Fitness Test, Reserve Component Talent Management, and leadership responsibilities to spread HRC’s strategic message.

The week culminated with the Annual GVC AG Ball held at the Sadowski Center on Fort Knox.  MG Evans was the senior leader and hosted the event, BG Young sang the National Anthem, BG Bennett provided his vision for the AG Corps with his TAG Address, and BG Stitt served as the guest speaker and heralded the achievements of AG Heroes on post and throughout the Army.  The GVC President, CSM Thorpe Noel, led the audience in reciting the AG Creed.  Approximately 20 gift baskets and giveaways went to lucky winners.  Ms. Teresia Buissereth (daughter of Mrs. Wilzianne Buissereth) and Ms. Haley Scott (daughter of COL (Ret) Tony Teolis and Mrs. Shelby Teolis) won $500 scholarships and several deserving Chapter members received their AGCRA awards. Other honored guests in attendance included MG (Ret) Richard Mustion (former HRC Commander) and Mrs. Mustion and BG (Ret) James Iacocca and Mrs. Iacocca.

The GVC was especially honored to present awards to a very deserving couple, MG Evans and Mrs. Machelle “Chelle” Evans.  MG Evans received his Lifetime Achievement Award and Mrs. Evans received her AGCRA Mrs. Maude / Mrs. Strickland Spouse Award.  The couple continues to selflessly serve the AG Corps and the Army for more than 30 years.

The AGCRA and the Gold Vault Chapter took the opportunity to highlight their numerous accomplishments and contributions during the GVC AG Ball, and they truly represented the Chapter’s “AG Heroes Amongst Us.”

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