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SUBJECT:  Accessing or on a Government Computer and Your “Home” Email Address

Greetings AGCRA Member,

Recently, the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA) has received an uptick in the number of trouble tickets regarding access to and/or on a government computer.  Note – AGCRA has two websites: (which is considered our main website for AG Corps / Army HR Civilian / Band news, information, announcements, and purchasing items from our Sutler Store); and our exclusive member’s website at (where you can join, renew, or update your membership account, or purchase a gift membership for someone else).

BLUF:  AGCRA websites are easily and readily accessible using your “personal” smartphone, smart pad, home computer, or laptop. Additionally, the best way to receive viewable and quality AGCRA emails is by having your “home” email address as your AGCRA membership email and username within your membership account.

If you still require AGCRA access through your government computer, then we have discovered an interim solution as follows:

1.  The Army has gone to a single Enterprise network system that has replaced the previous control at the installation level to adapt to current cyber threats and the operational environment.  As such, the Army has instituted CBII or Cloud-Based Internet Isolation.

     a.  Essentially all Army networked computers reside inside a bubble that is isolated from the world wide web at large.  To access the web, Army computers must go through this CBII.

     b.  When operating on a government computer and reaching an external website there will be a DISA logo that appears at the bottom of the screen.  If government approved, websites have been screened already and can be accessed.  Newer sites (like do not automatically appear and the Army gives the proxy error message that many of our members are experiencing.

2.  It is possible to deliberately have the CBII go directly to the page and screen it before it opens if it isn’t already in the Army’s sandbox.  To do this the user goes to and there is a box to enter a URL.  That is where you can enter (or another site) so you can reach the site.

3.  Note – If you are a current active AGCRA member, but have “never” used our new members website at, then you need to “SIGN UP” first before logging in using your previous AGCRA username & PW.

     a.  If you have a “.mil” email address (Example – stored in our AGCRA members database, then you need to re-register first by “SIGNING UP” using your .mil email.  Afterward, log in normally and change your membership email to your “home” email address.

     b.  For assistance, please email

We are still working to get our AGCRA websites included in the Army’s approved sandbox so that the interim step above is not necessary.  But it is a viable workaround to reach our websites if you are using a government computer.  Note – Even though the workaround above may provide access to AGCRA sites, you may still have issues using AGCRA’s purchasing features to buy Sutler Store items or memberships.

When all else fails, refer back to the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) above.

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