Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

To ensure your AGCRA membership account data is accurate and up to date in order to ensure you are provided the best AGCRA service possible, please follow the guidance below.

Please log in today at and do the following below.  Or at the main web page, you also have the option of clicking either My Account in the top right on the Home page, or click Membership or Shop, and then My Account to review your account information. You can also access your account by clicking here.

1.  Check your AGCRA membership account data for accuracy, to include the following:

a.  Password.  Click here if you have either forgotten or need to reset your AGCRA password.  You may also e-mail for assistance.  Within My Account, your password and account info can be changed or updated by clicking Edit your password and account details at the top of the page, or Account details at the bottom left.

b.  Full Name.  Please refrain from using unusual nicknames, if possible.  If asked to complete any of the data fields listed below, please use your full name, which allows us to more quickly find your account information if you require assistance.

  • Display name
  • Nickname
  • Display name publicly as

c.  E-mail Address.  Note – we recommend changing your .mil e-mail address to your civilian e-mail (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) as some installation DOIMs may have protocols in place that make it more difficult to reach

d.  Chapter Affiliation.  Please ensure your Chapter affiliation is accurate.  If you are not near, or do not have a Chapter affiliation, please select Not selected.  If you do not see your Chapter or your Chapter is incorrectly listed as Inactive, again please contact

e.  Rank / Military Status.  As an IRS 501c(19) nonprofit organization, AGCRA is required to have a certain percentage of military or retired military members.  Your rank / military status allows us to accurately report this important criterion.

f.  Membership ID Number.  Is found on the My Account Dashboard.  If your account has no membership ID number, please contact

g.  Mailing Address.  Can be found at Addresses on the left side of the My Account page.  A correct mailing address will ensure you receive your hard copy of 1775 when published.

h.  1775 Hard Copy (Mailed to You).  You now have the option of having a hard copy of 1775 mailed to you, or you can read each digital edition of the magazine on  To have a hard copy of the magazine mailed to you, go to My Account and click Account details on the left.  Then scroll down to How to Receive 1775 Magazine (for active members) and select the option you want.   The default selection is No hard copy, so you must change this option if you want a hard copy of 1775 mailed to you.