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My AG Story – PFC Lakeisha George

When I was stationed on Camp Henry in Daegu (Area 3), South Korea, a Soldier called the Brigade Commander (Colonel) at around 1800 stating that he had not received the rank of PFC.  The Brigade Commander then called the Battalion Commander (Lieutenant Colonel) with the Soldier’s issue.  The Battalion Commander then called the Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM), who then called my S1 NCOIC, who finally called me.  At the time I was the Battalion Promotions and Awards Clerk, so I had a lot of promotion certificates to print.  After we got off the phone, my NCOIC and I rushed to the S1 Section to see if the Soldier had been selected Yes on the monthly promotion report.  The Soldier was indeed circled Yes, so then we checked his Soldier Record Brief on eMILPO to ensure he was promoted to PFC and again yes he was.  The only issue remaining was that he did not have a certification of promotion, hence, he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to get formally promoted.

This started a chain reaction with other Privates in the Battalion stating that they had not received their deserved promotion.  Immediately afterwards, the Battalion CSM had a virtual meeting with the S1 and all of the Company First Sergeants.  The Battalion CSM stressed the importance and significance of Enlisted promotions and the promotion certificate that comes with it. 

The Battalion S1 Section worked double time to ensure every deserving Soldier was provided with a promotion certificate.  However, the next challenge was having our Companies actually pick up the promotion certificates.  In Korea our Companies are dispersed across the entire peninsula, which means they are hours apart from our headquarters by either bus or train.  So as part of the S1 Team, I made it a point that whenever we would have Battalion runs, promotion boards, or command and staff at the headquarters, I would ensure there with a DA 200 prepared for promotion certificates and have each Company sign for their respective unit.  We killed two birds with one stone by eliminating the need for Companies to travel for hours for maybe only one promotion certificate, although we were assigned to a Transportation Brigade at the time; isn’t that ironic.  At the end of the day I got to know a lot of great Soldiers in my grade, and made some lifelong Facebook friends as well.

About the Author:  PFC Lakeisha George is currently assigned to the 526th MP Company (Detention) as the Unit PAC Clerk at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  She graduated AG Advanced Individual Training on January, 25, 2018 while assigned to D Company, 369th AG Battalion, Soldier Support Institute, Fort Jackson, SC.  PFC George is from San Diego, California and she graduated from the Charter School of San Diego. 

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