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New Military Pay (MILPAY) Distributed Learning Course

On 8 January 2019, the Soldier Support Institute (SSI) launched the Military Pay (MILPAY) Transition Course.  SSI designed the MilPay Transition Course in collaboration with U.S. Army Financial Management Command and the Army G1’s Functional Management Division’s MILPAY Transition Team.  This course supports the Army’s MILPAY transition strategy.  It is designed as a self-development tool for Army Human Resources (HR) Professionals and Soldiers and will enhance their knowledge of MILPAY.

This course provides Army HR Professionals with access to a quality training products that improves their preparedness to assume MILPAY responsibilities with the fielding of IPPS-A.  The MILPAY Transition Course will promote familiarity of the basics of military pay policy and procedures through the use of the DoD FMR 7000.14-R Volume 7A, Joint Travel Regulations, and a variety of other Army Regulations.  HR professionals can self-enroll now on the Soldier Support Institute’s Blackboard site.  Instructions on how to self-enroll are below.

1.  Login to the SSI Blackboard at
2.  Click the website address / URL and delete it.
3.  Type or copy and paste the website / URL
4.  At the Self Enrollment page click the Submit button to complete the enrollment.  Military Pay (MILPAY) Transition Course – Distributed Learning (dL).

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