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Update, 13 February 2020

1. MEDICAL PLANNERS’ TOOLKIT (MPTK) NEW EQUIPMENT TRAINING (NET). From the Army Capability Manager – HR (ACM-HR), AG School: Division and Corps G1s, remaining seats for Medical Planners’ Toolkit (MPTk)…

Update, 11 February 2020

1. eMILPO MESSAGE 20-04, EMILPO AND DATASTORE OUTAGE, 10 FEB 2020. From HRC FSD:  The eMILPO Production and Datastore applications are having network issues at this time. Our team is…

Update, 7 February 2020

1. HRC OPMD DISTRIBUTION CYCLE (DC) 21-01 PRE-MER MESSAGE (UPDATE), DTD 6 FEB 2020. Due to an unforeseen delay, Account Managers will now send the DC 21-01 Mission Essential Requirements…


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