Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association


AGCRA will repost S1Net Message Summaries made available to the Association by the S1Net Facilitator.

S1Net is part of the Army-wide knowledge management system transforming the way the Army learns. It supports a community of AG Soldiers, Leaders, and Civilian employees sharing HR knowledge Army-wide & world-wide, across all components, through conversation in context of current operations.

S1Net also provides a place where Army HR professionals can easily share thoughts, ideas, experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned, and the ability to seek assistance from subject matter experts and peers. Additionally, it connects the Institutional Army with the field AG Soldier and Civilian, in garrison or deployed.

S1Net includes pushes and archives of MILPER & ALARACT messages, it archives HRC promotion orders, provides Army HR policy information, meets the critical information need of the “1” Community, and supports AG Corps and AGCRA information, news and announcements.

Update, 13 May 2021

1. NEW DA SECRETARIAT (NCO EVALUATION BOARD) TOPIC ON S1NET. The DA Secretariat has the mission of conducting all centralized AC and RC Officer and NCO boards for the Army….

Update, 11 May 2021

1. HQDA, DCS G-1 PERSONNEL CONTINGENCY CELL (PCC) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (COVID-19 TRAVEL RELATED), 07 MAY 2021. From the Army G-1 PCC: The attached (at following link) G-1 FAQs provide…

Update, 7 May 2021

1. OML-BASED NCO PROMOTIONS. From the Army G-1: After 51 years of promoting NCOs from an annual promotion selection list, for the very first time the Army will select eligible…

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