Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

People Drive Readiness in 3ID

By MAJ Chinyere Asoh
Chief, Human Resources Operation Center
3rd Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Division’s history spans 102 years of the immense sacrifice, heroic battles, and pure determination. The history of the unit laid the foundation for the current day Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Contractors that serve on the Marne team. This article can easily be written on the proud history of the division, but, instead, it will focus on what makes 3ID so great. People! People make 3ID a great unit to serve in with initiatives focused on readiness, modernization and reform (See Figure 1 below).

The 40th Chief of Staff of the Army shared his philosophy in which he stated, “We win by doing the right things the right way; we win with our People, and that is why People Matter!”[1]  A key element in caring for people is readiness. Readiness takes on various forms with areas as intricate as annual personnel records update which include: record of emergency data (DD93), SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES); periodic immunization requirements; physical readiness training sessions and the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). Readiness is a routine initiative that compels each unit to invest in its Soldiers. The continued and dedicated investment leaders make in the readiness of the Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Contractors in 3ID leads to remarkable returns. These returns provide the impetus for modernization efforts within the division.

Modernization efforts challenge the norm because it rears unfamiliarity. Some modernization efforts in the personnel realm include: Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A), Meal Entitlement Maintenance, the new Enlisted Centralized Selection Evaluation Boards replacing promotion boards, and the Assignment Interactive Module 2.0 (AIM 2). These various systems transform the way the HR professional provides support to the Army’s greatest resource – Soldiers. A key effort implemented by the division was the use of the automated Mission Essential Requirements (MER) listing to identify vacancies and advertise the unit and positions available within 3ID using AIM 2. This effort modernized how officers and warrant officers are sought, hired, and received into the division. This initiative directly supports the talent management discussions required in the 21st century. Officers and Warrant officers directly contribute to their hiring process, and units get the best available Soldiers with the requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviors the units seek.

In the G-1, the Strength team created a deliberate plan which included training the unit strength managers on marketplace requirements, conducting professional development sessions to create awareness across the Division, and inviting subject matter experts from Human Resource Command to help with the MER build up. The entire effort was effectively coordinated and executed above standard. The Division achieved an enviable score of 94% across Forces Command (FORSCOM). The focused effort applied by the G-1 Strength team created additional opportunities to channel and sustain reform throughout the Division.

Reform in itself creates turmoil when it is not effectively employed. The goal is not just getting to the fight first, but staying in the fight and winning! With this thought and the continuous training focus on large scale combat operations, HR professionals must be creative in every regard. As 3ID innovates itself to remain relevant to the changing character of war, so must the HR professional supporting the unit. The IPPS-A system will create real-time update opportunities with every Soldier involved in their personnel process. As IPPS-A undergoes refinement before its launch, the 3ID HR professionals are charged with keeping personnel updates current on behalf of every Soldier in the division. The Human Resource Operations Center works closely with the units to ensure Soldier updates are timely and accurate. 3ID received accolades from FORSCOM for an outstanding personnel record, specifically on DD93 and SOES. Despite the accolade, 3ID G-1 remains focused on providing the best personnel support possible to the Rock of the Marne Soldiers.

Soldiers are the Army’s greatest resource; people are an integral part of the success that 3ID enjoys. HR professionals in 3ID are committed to meeting the Soldier, DA Civilian, and Contractor at their point of need in support of the 3ID mission. 3ID remains committed to increasing its large and proud history dedicated to people, with a large focus on readiness, modernization, and reform.

[1] CSA 40 Philosophy, 13 Aug 19