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42A Update – January 2020

From the AG School at Fort Jackson, please see the attached 42A Monthly Update for January 2020 at the bottom of this webpage.

Please note the following as part of this Monthly Update:

1.  HUMAN RESOURCES OPTIMIZATION FDU JR. – Has been released for worldwide field staffing.  The FDU Jr. packet has been placed on the FDD MilSuite site under the HR Optimization FDU Jr. field staffing portal for the Force Management and Force Modernization Sections within your commands. 

     a.  Your FM Sections should have access to the field staffing portal. 

     b.  The FDU Jr. highlights the need to increase the HR capacity in order to complete the actions necessary to report casualties, maintain personnel asset visibility, and account for, synchronize and distribute replacements during large scale combat operations. 

     c.  The proposed FDU Jr. is a no-growth solution that will remain grade plate neutral. 

     d.  The suspense for a response to this FDU is 30 January 2020.  Your Force Management/Modernization Office will submit responses using the CRM template found on MilSuite. 

     e.  Attached are three slides that give a brief overview, see link at the bottom of the webpage.

2.  DOCTRINE REVIEW OF FIELD MANUAL (FM) 1-0, HUMAN RESOURCES SUPPORT, INITIAL DRAFT – From the AG School.  Field input is requested on the draft FM 1-0, attached at the following link   The suspense for comments is 3 February 2020.  We need input from the Enlisted COHORT.  Please get with your commands and make appropriate recommendations.

3.  MEPS 1SG VACANCIES FOR FARGO, ND / LANSING, MI / DETROIT, MI IN THE SUMMER OF 2020 – NCOs need to look at these jobs and not the specific location.  MEPs 1SG duty is listed on the 42A PDM and viewed favorably by Evaluation Boards.  MEPCOM along with the Soldier Support Branch is noticing a lack of interest in those inquiring about these positions.

4.  FORSCOMS G-1/S-1 RECOGNITION ROLL FOR DECEMBER – This is mentioned in the attached update.  These units are doing a great job affecting readiness within their elements.  It is critical to ensure all units continue to track their METRICs and keep their Commander’s informed along with taking care of Soldiers.  FORSCOM is doing a great job capturing/measuring areas of importance (PRR, DD Form 93/SGLV, MEC to CAC and PERSTEMPO).  An additional area to continue to keep tabs on and track is UCFR/UCPMR timeliness and accuracy by Commanders.  S-1s can gain access to track and ensure each Commander meets their monthly suspense.  ALARACT  083/2019 is mentioned within the attached update IRT monthly certification.

5.  EXEMPLARY HR SERVICE – Continue to go above and beyond to provide adequate support to those within our elements.  Don’t be that S1/ADMIN Section that continually is closed or not manned and cannot support their clientele.  When not providing outstanding support, we as HR Professionals lose our credibility and relevance.  We should not only receive a document and forward it, but we should track the document through until it is processed.  When sections are open for business, they should be manned to provide appropriate support.  There are many changes that are going on within the Army HR Community, but we need to keep abreast of all changes to ensure we are the experts for our Commanders and the footprint we support.  AG NCOs need to strive to ensure our Soldiers are crossed trained on all areas within their shops to include proper phone etiquette.  Professionalism, competence, service, and support should always be our focus.  Thanks for what you are all doing.  Defend and Serve!

6.  Finally, the JANUARY SEMI-CENTRALIZED PROMOTION ANALYSIS AND JANUARY PME BACKLOG DATA have been placed on the 42A Community Following Page along with the AG Proponent Page on MilSuite.


SGM Scott D. Lesch
Proponency/Leader Development Division
Soldier Support Institute
Fort Jackson, SC
Comm:  803-751-8368

42A Monthly Update January 2020

HR Optimization FDU JR