Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

AG Corps CSM – Calendar Year (CY) 2018 AG Corps End of Year Report

CSM Corey W. Gill, AG Corps & AG School Command Sergeant Major

AG Corps Team,

What a great AG Corps year we’ve just completed!  First of all, you and your troopers are amazing and I am proud to be a part of the greatest Corps in the US Army – the ADJUTANT GENERAL’S CORPS!!!  So much was accomplished by everyone this year and what you all do amazes me every single day.

The following is my end of year report:

CY 18 Accomplishments

1.  AIT Program of Instruction (POI) – We completed and implemented the new AIT POI which changed students from a culture of learning, testing, dumping to LEARNING.  In 18 months, we took testing from 18 to 8 and allowing for students to learn in an environment of “sets and reps.”  Repetition is the key for successful training outcomes.

2.  AIT Culminating Training Event (CTE) Pilot – We developed a 72 hour continuous Field Exercise that encompasses all that a 42A AIT Soldier learns throughout the entire 6 weeks of POI.  Soldiers are broken down into Task Force S1s and execute HR Systems and AG Core Competencies under Large Scale Combat Operations scenarios while dealing with tactical scenarios that develop a Soldier to “Live on Amber.”

3.  AIT FTX – POI on the Move.  Soldiers are taken out of the classroom and execute Hand Grenade Assault Ranges (for qualification), Foot Marches by navigating from point to point as a Team, Combatives, Wartime Strength Reporting and Casualty Operations in an analog environment (disconnected).

4.  Standards of Grade – Are approved for Brigades to have MSG as required and Battalions to have SFC as required in S1 Sections on the operational MTOE.

5.  Grade Plate Reduction – The DA mandated Grade Plate Reduction forced us to develop GPRs for 286 SSG positions, 107 SFC positions, and 38 MSG positions across the force.  We accomplished this with detailed analysis that (if approved and implemented) will cause minimal impact in our ability to support Commanders during LSCOs.

6.  Army Career Tracker (ACT) – There has been incredible progress in this area.  We began CY 18 with 147 members and we will end CY 18 with 1,293 members.  This is not good enough, ACT should be the Center of Gravity in regards to communications with Career Managers; I want to get away from email and publish everything to this site.  I need Leaders’ assistance in having all of your Soldiers “FOLLOW” our CMF 42 community page.  Next year’s goal will be 4,000 members, but I cannot get there without you!

7.  IPPS-A – We were approved for the five functional courses that we will provide post IPPS-A delivery.  I will have more to discuss under CY 19 initiatives in regard to IPPS-A, but I need everyone on board and start putting a “full court press” on the implementation of IPPS-A; it is the future of the AG Corps.  Also, the IPPS-A Team was given permission to conduct the LUT with the Pennsylvania National Guard in January 2019, so more to follow…

8.  One Army School System (OASS) – We’ve pushed hard at making OASS a truly One Army School System.  We created training packages and instituted lesson plan changes that allowed for a more efficient POI at the three TASS locations.  We also developed an instructor exchange program that allows for all three components to work along-side one another.

9.  AG AIT Induction ceremony – We have established an induction ceremony that allows for Senior Leaders to “induct” our newest 42A Soldiers in to the Corps.  This is currently executed on the last day of their CTE and in the future will be conducted immediately after their 8 mile foot march on day 3 of the CTE.  This ceremony welcomes in our new troopers into the Corps and they are also presented the AG Corps Crest at that time.

CY19 Initiatives

1.  FM 1-0 – Complete re-write of FM 1-0.  FM 1-0 must meet the current Army Doctrine FM 3-0 not later than 30 September 2019.  We will have multiple working groups and discussions over the year as we lay out the draft.  Plan of attack is to develop outputs from the AG Corps Senior Enlisted huddles and push them to the field for input and analysis.  This is a big undertaking but we must have an Army human resources doctrine that lays out what the AG Corps does during LSCO and every day to enable Commanders and support Soldiers and their Families.

2.  HR Transformation / Future Structure – We have not reviewed and analyzed our structure since the implementation of PSDR, which has been around since 2006.  We have huge gaps in regards to how we operate under LSCOs (e.g., casualty operations, replacement operations).  We have two huge engagements in January and February that will allow us to take a look at current structure versus current gaps.  Change is a good thing and we will not be caught behind the Army as they move forward with LSCOs.

3.  ALC / SLC POI Rewrite – BLUF, we are not where we need to be in the education / training of our SSGs and SFCs.  ALC and SLC cannot be AIT on steroids!!!  This year we will transition and ALC will become a Brigade S1 Course and SLC will become an HR Plans and Operations Course.

4.  ALC / SLC CTE – We must push our SSGs and SFCs to understand how ALOC / TOC operations are executed and how the HR professional “fits” into Army operations.  We drive crew manning by understanding replacement and casualty operations.  We will drive a CTE through the orders process and develop our leaders in both a connected environment and disconnected environment.

5.  AIT 72 hour CTE – We developed the pilot this past October but will be complete with all resourcing not later than May 2019.  All AIT Soldiers will complete (as a graduation requirement) a Culminating Training Event beginning June 2019.

6.  DA PAM 600-25 Re-write – We have made great strides this year but we owe our Corps a “blue print” for promotions.  The AG SEC will be driving this product over the next year to spell out what an AG Corps Soldier should look like at every Skill Level.

7.  Professional Development Model (PDM) – The 42A PDM will mirror DA Pam 600-25 in a way that is simple and easy to read.  Figuring out what the right job is, what a Broadening Assignment is, what a Key Developmental Job is; it should not be hard for our troopers to figure out what these PDM terms are.  Again, we have to give our Soldiers a “road map” or “blue print” for their future success.

8.  AG Corps Week – AG Corps Week will be 17-21 June 2019 with the National AG Ball being held on Friday, 21 June 2019 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, SC.  We are working an approval packet for an AG Conference 19-21 June 2019 (more to follow).  Regardless of the conference, we will execute better than we did last year as we will have LDPs, AIT LDPs, CTE visits, ALC / SLC LDPs and SGM panels.  More to follow on all of this but SAVE THE DATE!

9.  IPPS-A – Is the largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SYSTEM in the Army and it is ours!!!  Team – this is a VERY big deal for our Corps.  We must understand what IPPS-A is and what its capabilities are going to be in the future.  More importantly, we have to get out and communicate our future weapons system to our Commanders and Soldiers.  Please get the STRATCOM out in your AOs.  I am going to be beating the IPPS-A drum until my arms fall off or people go deaf.

CY 18 Promotions
SFC – 176 (96%)
MSG – 137 (28%)
SGM – 29 (32%)

CY 18 Graduations
AIT – 137 Classes and 3,713 Soldiers
Postal (IPTA) – F5 = 769 / F4 = 94
ALC – 488
SLC – 336

CY 19 Dates
7-11 Jan 19 – HR Transformation at CASCOM Battle Lab
17 Jan 19 – HRC CSM Change of Responsibility
Feb 19 (Date TBD) – HR Transformation at CAC
17-21 Jun 19 – AG Corps Week
19-21 Jun 19 – AG Conference (TBD)
21 Jun 19 – National AG Ball
28 Jun 19 – SGM Johnson Retirement


CSM Corey W. Gill, AG Corps & AG School Command Sergeant Major