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AG Corps Strategy & Implementation Plan, 2022-2035

UPDATE – The AG Corps Strategy Implementation Plan has been added to this post.


It is an exciting time to be part of the best branch in the Army.  The AG Corps is leading the way by publishing its first ever Strategy for the AG Corps.  Please see the note within the Foreword section of the attached .pdf file (link is below) from our Chief of the Corps, COL Marcus Motley.

AG Corps Strategy, 2022-2035

AG Corps Strategy Implementation Plan

A lot of great work from some of your peers across the Army, Human Resources Command, and the Soldier Support Institute to get this document over the goal line.  Now we need you to read it, chew on it, and provide input for implementation.  Take the time to invest in you and help us get the conversation going!

I know the team agonized on when to stop editing and when to publish — the time was now!  The strategy is our foundation and the implementation plan and execution is the test.  We look forward to seeing this through.


· The AG Corps Strategy sets the stage for the Corps of the future.  An agile, innovative, and trusted group of HR professionals.
· People are the centerpiece of our competitive advantage for the Army and our Corps!
· The Corps will be ready for Army 2030.
· Strategy drives mindset and skill set changes.
· Corps Values and Capabilities – who we are/ want to become as a Corps.
· Strategy is the foundation and future implementation plans will provide the path and metrics for success.
· Manage systems now, manage data in the future — Aligns with Army G6/ CIO Data Strategy.

Mission:  The Adjutant General’s Corps makes People the centerpiece of the Army’s competitive advantage.

Vision:  The Adjutant General’s Corps is the Army’s most innovative, expert, agile and authentic HR professionals.

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TAG Talk – Episode 7: The Adjutant General’s Corps Strategy, 2022-2035

Defend and Serve!


BG Hope C. Rampy
The Adjutant General of the Army/
CG, Physical Disability Agency/
Executive Director, MPSA