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Human Resources University (HRU) is Back in the Pacific

By MAJ(P) Jason Behler – HROC Casualty & Operations Chief, USARPAC G-1

HR professionals across the Island of Hawaii and Pacific AOR yearn for development, not just from their past and future Professional Military Education, but from their higher echelon’s senior HR professionals.  The U.S. Army Pacific G-1 conducted a two-day, HR University – Pacific (HRU-P) event on 14 -15 December 2022.  The event focused training and discussion on Officer and Enlisted Promotion Selection Boards, Talent Management strategies, Theater HR Plans and Operations, and Casualty Operations.  Though the primary training audience was for HR professionals in Hawaii, the HRU-P training team was able to connect HR professionals from across the Pacific area of operations using MS Teams.

Photo is of the MS Teams briefing with BG Gregory Johnson, The 63rd Adjutant General.  Pictured on the screens from left to right is BG Johnson and COL Lane, USARPAC G1.  Photograph was taken and provided by MAJ(P) Jason Behler, HROC Casualty & Operations Chief, USARPAC G-1.

Subject matter experts from the USARPAC G1 Human Resources Operations Center (HROC) and HRC DA Secretariat provided briefings.  One of the key highlights was the opportunity to have BG Gregory Johnson, The 63rd Adjutant General, address the attendees on ongoing initiatives.  The training was provided to over 120 HR professionals (in-person and online via MS Teams) throughout the theater.  Note – HR University – Pacific is a quarterly event that serves as part of the USARPAC G1’s ongoing effort to sharpen the knowledge, skill, comradery, and confidence among HR professionals operating within the Indo-Pacific.

Day one training began with USARPAC G-1 HROC personnel demonstrating the use of the Tactical Personnel System (TPS) by scanning all HRU-P attendees into the system for accountability upon their arrival.  Using this system provided the HROC with instant accountability and verification of all attending personnel.  This execution provided the training audience a TTP on when and where G/S-1s can include and practice the use of TPS during garrison operations.  After a quick welcome, LTC Miller and SGM Little from the HRC DA Secretariat provided an Officer and Enlisted Promotion Selection Boards briefing via MS Teams.

Photo is of the Senior HR Leader Discussion Panel; pictured left to right: SGM James, 25th ID G1 SGM; CW4 Kinere and COL Lane, USARPAC G1; LTC Brown, 8th TSC G1; LTC Lincoln, DSTB Commander; LTC White, 25th ID G1; and SGM Chapman, 8th TSC G1 SGM (not pictured). Photograph was taken and provided by MAJ(P) Jason Behler, HROC Casualty & Operations Chief, USARPAC G-1.

After the HRC DA Secretariat briefings, the HRU-P hosted a Senior HR Leader Discussion Panel chaired by COL Barrcary Lane, USARPAC G1, and included the 25th ID G1 and G1 SGM, 8th Theater Sustainment Command G1 and G1 SGM, and the 25th ID DSTB CDR.  The panel members discussed a multitude of HR topics and fielded questions and thoughts from the audience.  After the discussion panel, the HROC delivered a casualty operations overview training, focusing the audience on the missions and responsibilities of the Theater Casualty Information Center (TCIC) vice the Casualty Assistance Center (CAC), casualty information flow, and tactical-level casualty operations preparation.  The day ended on a high note with a MS Teams connection with The 63rd Adjutant General, BG Johnson.

Day two focused HR professionals on theater HR planning and operations and a casualty operations overview.  The morning started with USARPAC G-1 personnel delivering the connection between theater HR planning and operations and the daily tasks and functions of HR support.  The training helped bridge the gap many AG professionals lack when it comes to planning.  Many of the attendees left the training feeling more confident in their understanding of theater HR and what they do can and how they will affect current and future plans and operations.  With the newly formed HROC within the ASCCs, many HR professionals are unaware of the role the ASCC G-1 HROC plays in theater casualty operations.  So, after the lunch break and to close the HRU-P 1st Quarter training event was another opportunity for HR professionals to attend the casualty operations overview training, which was well received by young and emerging HR professionals.

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