Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

What’s My AGCRA Role as a Senior AG Corps or Army HR Leader?

If you are a senior leader within the AG Corps or the Army HR Community then this web article is for you.

Your AGCRA needs you!  If you are already an AGCRA member, then thank you.  If you are not, then I ask that you become a member and see what partnering with us can do for you and your subordinates.

This is the new AGCRA!  Gone are the days of joining because you thought that’s what you were supposed to do.  Today’s AGCRA is working to increase the value of an Association membership by providing meaningful programs, establishing strong partnerships, conducting outreach activities, and being more inclusive of our Active, USAR, ARNG, DA Civilian, Veteran, Retiree, Army Band, Recruiting/Retention and Career Counseling Communities.

We need senior leaders serving as Association advisors, mentors, coaches, and champions for junior and mid-grade leaders who are fulfilling roles as AGCRA Chapter Officers and members.

More importantly, AGCRA supports the entire AG Corps through professional development activities and events.  We need senior leaders to step up and:

* Serve as speakers at AGCRA-sponsored breakfasts, lunches, and meetings; or help run these events

* Mentor or coach a team of AGs to execute a marquee event like an AG Ball or holiday gathering; events like these mirror AG ops with detailed planning, coordination, and execution, and are excellent team-building events

* Or, lead an AG team and show them how to tell your AG Corps story through AGCRA social media platforms

We are waiting for you to engage your local AGCRA Chapter and see what a senior leader can do for them, I know you will find the experience rewarding.

Lastly, do we expect a busy senior leader to attend bake sales, car washes, or Chapter fund-raisers?  No, unless it is something you think you can add value to; although they are fun and promote esprit-de-corps.  It is our hope that senior leaders will encourage and support subordinates in performing these activities as well.

This is the new AGCRA, this is your AGCRA, this is our AGCRA!  We need you!


COL (Ret) Robert L. Manning
President, AGCRA

The photo above is the activation ceremony of the AGCRA Crossroads of the Revolution Chapter.