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AG Corps Army Retiree Contributes to AGCRA Scholarship Program

On September 5, 2019, COL (Ret) Robert T. Murphy, an AG Corps Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2019, and his wife Gayl, contributed $1,000 to the AGCRA Scholarship Program.  This is the first time in the Program’s history that any individual has directly contributed to providing funding for the Association’s  annual scholarships.

COL (Ret) Murphy expressed he and his wife’s interest in contributing to the Association’s Scholarship Program as follows:

“I truly believe that the AGCRA is a tremendously important asset for the Adjutant General’s Corps.  Not only does the organization visibly display the magnificent history of the Corps, it also provides much needed professional development opportunities for the Soldiers and Civilians working in the current Army Human Resources arena.  This arena is dynamic, constantly changing and resource starved in many instances.  As a member of the Association and a former Adjutant General’s Corps officer, I’m very impressed that AGCRA’s efforts have and will continue to make our Corps one that the Army can depend on for the very best Human Resources support for our Soldiers, Civilians and their Families now and in the future.

Gayl and I were discussing how we can help as Retirees.  Recently I was on the AGCRA web site and noticed that the Association awards eight scholarships annually.  We would like for the Association to increase the number of scholarships and we are prepared to pledge one thousand dollars annually to make this possible.”

COL (Ret) and Mrs. Murphy’s $1,000 contribution will be applied to the 2020 AGCRA Scholarship Program. 

You can read more about COL (Ret) Murphy at the following link: AG Corps Hall of Fame Class of 2019

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The Success of the AGCRA Scholarship Program

Since its inception in 2011, the AGCRA Scholarship Program has awarded $80,000 to 54 deserving students in pursuit of higher education.  Twenty six students have earned a 2nd year of funding by either reapplying or by maintaining a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) while on scholarship.

This year, the AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC) awarded $16,000 in scholarships; 8 new scholarship recipients and 8 automatic renewals from 2018.  This year also marks the largest number of applicants with 23 students applying for an Association scholarship.

While competitive, the chance of earning an AGCRA scholarship still remains high, with almost 35% of this year’s applicants earning a scholarship.  The annual due date for scholarship applications is now 1 June 2020 for next year’s AGCRA Scholarship Program.  With the introduction of a web-based voting system, the scholarship board is able to vote scholarship application packet in a more efficient manner allowing for an extended submission timeline.

Bottom line, if you are an AGCRA member and you or your authorized dependent is pursuing higher education, you need to apply for an AGCRA scholarship.

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AGCRA 2019 Scholarship Winners

On behalf of the President and members of the AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC), it is the Association’s distinct honor and pleasure to announce the 2019 AGCRA $1,000 scholarship winners (listed in alphabetical order below):

Lauren Amaker, attending South University

Teresia Buissereth, sponsored by Ms. Wilziane Buissereth & Mr. Undreed Buissereth, attending the University of Central Florida

Savannah Faull, sponsored by CPT Matthew S. & Mrs. Amber (Essie) O. Faull, scholarship donated to her College Savings Plan

Cidney Hopkins, sponsored by LTC Michael & Mrs. Elisa R. Hopkins, attending Hawaii Pacific University

Haley Kissell, sponsored by LTC Douglas R. & Mrs. Melissa R. Kissell, scholarship donated to her College Savings Plan

Addilyn Koonce, sponsored by LTC (Ret) David F. Koonce, attending the University of North Georgia

Lauren Mandakunis, sponsored by CPT Kenneth L. & Mrs. Adriane D. Mandakunis, attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Weston Martin, sponsored by CW4 Ryan & Mrs. Ivy R. Martin, attending James Madison University

This is the ninth year in a row that AGCRA has been able to provide $1,000 scholarship awards to highly qualified, deserving college bound AGCRA members or Family members.  All of the applicants who applied for the 2019 AGCRA Scholarship Program were highly qualified, and the competition was once again very competitive.  Based on their superior academic performance, community service, and ability to articulate future goals, our winners were selected as best qualified to receive this year’s scholarships.

AGCRA scholarships are primarily supported by sales of our historic AG Corps Print, “Washington’s Watch Chain”.  You can own “Washington’s Watch Chain,” created by world renowned artist Mort Kunstler, and help support scholarships for AGCRA members and their Families now by going to  If you haven’t already, please consider doing so and encourage your Association team to do the same.

Congratulations again to our 2019 AGCRA scholarship winners!

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