Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

Army G1 Message to the AG Corps

To the Soldiers and Civilians of our Adjutant General’s Corps,

I assumed duties as the Army G-1 on 5 August 2022 – I am honored, humbled, and inspired to serve with you, the world’s best Corps of Human Resources Professionals!  I witness the incredible service, sacrifice, and power within our Total Force of the AG Corps as you care for our Soldiers and Families – your actions speak volumes every day.  It is clear our Corps fully embraces and epitomizes People First, building diverse and adaptive experts prepared to fight and win in large scale combat operations.  I ask please for your continued efforts toward two critical initiatives over the next several months – the rollout of IPPS-A and our first AG Strategy Implementation Plan.

The opening of IPPS-A access to HR professionals ushers our Corps onto a 21st century data centric platform and transforms our ability to win for the Army of 2030.  We would not be where we are without the efforts of all our Soldiers and Civilians to prepare, train, and accept IPPS-A, I cannot thank you all enough.  Our AG Corps is ready – fielding this system speaks to our ability to serve as change agents, operating and driving predictive outcomes within data rich environments.  I am excited for this opportunity for our Corps to embrace and utilize this game-changing capability.

The first AG Corps Strategy was published in April 2022.  There are four distinct lines of effort (acquire, develop, employ and retain) leading to the AG Corps Strategy Implementation Plan, which is expected to launch in January 2023.  The strategy is a monumental effort for our Corps as we prepare for our future, and we will reach out to solicit your feedback and input.  I ask all of you to please embrace and provide your input and thoughts.

We are operating in extremely exciting times for all in our AG Corps and 2023 looks exceptionally bright.  Thank you all for what you do each day for Soldiers and Families, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.  It is my honor to serve as your Army G-1.




DCS, G-1