Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

AGCRA Carolina Chapter 2019 Fall Scholarship Program

To establish a permanent scholarship fund to financially assist the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA), Carolina Chapter, members and their family members to further their higher education.

The AGCRA Carolina Chapter Fall Scholarship Fund was established to award and administer scholarships from the fund to eligible AGCRA, Carolina Chapter members and their authorized dependents based on academic excellence and community / school activities.

The officers of the Scholarship Fund are the members of the AGCRA Carolina Chapter Executive Council.  The AGCRA Carolina Chapter Scholarship Selection Board will review and evaluate scholarship applications received during the qualifying period each year (March 15th – May 30th) and through a voting system will select applicants who will receive AGCRA Carolina Chapter scholarships.  Applications must be received not later than May 30, 2019 to be eligible for a scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

a.  Any current AGCRA Carolina Chapter member.

b.  Any current AGCRA Carolina Chapter member’s authorized dependent (i.e., spouse, child, or other family member recognized by the Army, sister services or U.S. civilian authority as a dependent).

c.  Applicant must appear as a dependent on the AGCRA Carolina Chapter member’s most recent tax filing.

d.  The most recent tax filing must accompany the AGCRA Carolina Chapter scholarship application (SSNs can be blacked out).

The full Fall Program Scholarship MOI can be found on our Chapter’s Facebook Group here:  AGCRA CAROLINA CHAPTER

The scholarship application opens March 15th until May 30th, 2019.  Please ensure to send all applications to:

AGCRA Carolina Chapter Scholarship Program, P.O. Box 10348, Fort Jackson, SC 29207 

AGCRA Breakfast Highlights AG Professionalism

Fort Jackson NCO Club. Chief Warrant Officer Five, retired, Coral Jones was the keynote speaker at the Carolina Chapter Breakfast held as part of AG Week.  Marittsa Flowers, President of the Carolina Chapter, said that she was privileged to introduce the guest speaker and lauded her many contributions to the Corps as well as highlighting some key tributes from colleagues of Jones, past and present.

CW5(ret) Coral Jones address the AGCRA Carolina Chapter Breakfast as part of AG Week.
CW5(ret) Coral Jones accepts a recognition for serving as guest speaker for the AGCRA Carolina Chapter Breakfast June 21, 2018

CW5(ret) Jones started by conveying her acknowledgment that the most recent issue of 1775 is dedicated to the AG NCO and celebrated the work and professionalism of the NCO Corps. However, she abruptly threw in, to the laughter and delight of the crowd, she was of course going to focus on the great contributions of the Warrant Officer.  Among the many points she delivered she mentioned that the Warrant Officer Corps celebrates its centennial anniversary this year and gave great examples of the expertise and dedication of the Warrant Officers and the overall impact the Corps has had on both the Adjutant General’s Corps and the United States Army.

She highlighted firsts in AG history including the first AG Warrant assigned to the Congressional Liaison Office, the first in a Training with Industry Program, and the first to receive the professional HR certification in a deployed theater, among other notable firsts. She then asked the group to consider “What is our purpose?”  She explained that one should not mistake what you are for versus what you do.  She said, “Many answer the question, “what is your purpose?” with their job duties and what they do.  Those are not the same.” She went on to say that the AG Corps and the AG Warrants in particular are called to be a link and a focal point for their organizations.  That they should strive to be the technical experts.

Ms. Flowers, Carolina Chapter President presents a commemorative plaque to the guest speaker.

She added great humor and some irreverence which was captured on a Live Facebook feed in her short address to a distinguished group that included members of the Carolina Chapter, the National Executive Council, and inductees to the 2018 Hall of Fame and Distinguished Members of the Corps all gathering as part of the AG week festivities.  In addition to her address, several Soldiers, past and present were presented with AG Regimental Awards including the Horatio Gates Gold, Bronze and Honorary Medals, and the Colonel Robert Manning Achievement Medal during the breakfast.