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Rocket City Chapter Community Service

By CW4 (Ret) EuGene Roberts

This past Thanksgiving, the Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen in Huntsville, Alabama, allowed the poor and homeless in the Huntsville & Madison County area to celebrate the holiday with a proper Thanksgiving lunch.  This celebration had hot food, friends, and fellowship.

Members of the AGCRA Rocket City Chapter supported and took part in their 8th Annual Thanksgiving lunch at the Soup Kitchen.  They prepared a full range of holiday goodies for those in need.  80 to 100 needy North Alabama individuals were able to enjoy fellowship and good food.  The Soup Kitchen served turkeys, ham, dressing, mac and cheese, green beans and dozens of assorted pies, cakes and cookies.

The Rocket City Chapter throughout the year took time to help provide food that will help serve over 2,000 meals every month at the Soup Kitchen.  Thanksgiving wouldn’t be as special without the Rose of Sharon community.  “We’re playing games.  We’re laughing.  We’re telling stories with one another.  This is what Thanksgiving is about,” said Ms. Theresa Wilson, CEO of the Rose of Sharon.  “By volunteering we are part of the solution for the homeless in the Tennessee Valley.  Being a part of something bigger than ourselves, we wanted to help bring hope and opportunity to men, women and children who are physically and spiritually broken and exhausted,” added Ms. Wilson.

The Rose of Sharon serves breakfast and lunch from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every Monday through Friday.  Their website is

Thanks to everyone from the Rocket City Chapter that came out to help for this year’s Thanksgiving lunch.

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AGCRA Chapter Recognition Program – FY 2017 Results

The AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC) is pleased to announce the winning Chapters for the Association’s annual Chapter Recognition Program for fiscal year (FY) 2017, the second year of the Program.  AGCRA Chapters competed in either the large or small Chapter category per the Association’s MOI, and the NEC selected the two top Chapters in each category.

Chapter of the Year in the large Chapter category for FY 2017 is the National Capital Region’s Potomac Chapter – which was the runner up in this category for FY 2016.  Runner-up in the large Chapter category for FY 2017 is the Carolina Chapter, based at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  The Carolina Chapter was the large Chapter of the Year winner for 2016.

In the small Chapter category, Chapter of the Year for FY 2017, for the second year in a row, is Redstone Arsenal’s Rocket City Chapter.  The Old Dominion Chapter, based at Fort Pickett, Virginia, is the small Chapter category runner-up for FY 2017.

Each of the Chapters of the Year will receive a $1,000 award from the NEC.  The runners-up Chapters will each receive a $750 award.

The Chapter Recognition Program was established by the NEC in late 2015 to encourage and support Association Chapters to remain active and consistently engaged in Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association membership recruitment and professional development efforts.  Historically, the strength of many AGCRA Chapters ebbed and flowed between active and inactive status based on deployments, reassignments, and OPTEMPO, as well as frequent turnover of Chapter Officers.  The NEC saw a need to provide recognition, incentive and rewards for Chapters that remained active and engaged despite personnel turnover.

For the inaugural year of the Chapter Recognition Program (FY 2016) results were tabulated based upon free-form historical reports submitted by participating Chapters, as well as input on key performance metrics from the NEC.  For fiscal year 2017 and beyond, the NEC requires Chapters to submit a fill-in-the-blank form for uniformity and ease of submission.

For Fiscal Year 2018 (the third year of the program), Chapters are asked to return the fill-in-the-blank report format by 31 December 2018.

The AGCRA POC for the Chapter Recognition Program is our VP, History at

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Chapter Officer POC Roster

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1 .  It is the Chapter’s responsibility to keep their respective web page updated.  For support, either myself at, or LTC (Ret) James J. Galluzzo, our VP, Information, Technology & Strategic Communications, at, can assist with Chapter web pages if required.

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