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Where in the World are the Monje’s (IV)

One of our favorite AGCRA globetrotting couples is at it again carrying our Association logo to new and unique locations. But where are COL (Ret) Nick and LTC (Ret) Dianne Monje this time?  They are again a lot closer than you would think.  So where in the world are they now?  Scroll down…



















The Monje’s brought the AGCRA logo all the way to the top of Pike’s Peak, 14,115 feet above sea level, via the Cog Railway.  What fantastic views!

The AGCRA Logo in is the rain at Mesa Verde, Colorado.  Remember, “If it’s not rainin’, it’s not trainin’!” As well, “If it’s not snowin’; we’re not goin’!” Nothing stops AG Corps Soldiers (Retirees included).

After riding the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gage Railroad, the AGCRA logo stopped in at the Durango Train Station Museum and hoped aboard The Harper’s Private Car – The Silverton.  Al Harper was owner of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Durango, CO.

Located in the “Freedom Is Not Free” section of the Durango Museum, would you believe Dianne Monje found a couple of 4th ID AG Corps Soldier mannequins dressed in Army green uniforms with AG Corps shields and ribbons.

Dianne Monje stands next to MAJ Kelly, AG Corps Officer – Ready for Inspection?

Dianne stands with SGT Hallberts, a 4th ID AG Corps NCO – Ready to Roll; Rifle at the Ready; Movin’ to the Sound of Guns; Ready to Fight… now that’s Readiness, Hoo-Ah!

Where in the World are the Monje’s (III)

COL (Ret) Nick and LTC (Ret) Dianne Monje are at it again.  They carried our AGCRA logo to new and exciting places that are a lot closer than you would think.  So where in the world are they now?  Scroll down…



















Here’s Nick & Dianne at the Grand Canyon, AZ.

The Monje’s were on the South Rim Trail of the Canyon.  Perfect weather and the sunset was magnificent!

Here’s Nick & Dianne at the Great Salt Lake, UT

The Monje’s are overlooking the Great Salt Lake, but unfortunately the lake’s water level was distressing low.  No sailing and boats were in drydock. 

And why not, here’s Nick & Dianne at Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons, Jackson, WY.

The Monje’s described this visit as an absolutely breathtaking experience. The Jackson Hole Valley was rockin’ that evening!

You have to have a little bit of patience here – Nick & Dianne at Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park.

The Monje’s are at “Old Faithful” Upper Geyser Basin Trail, Alta, WY.  They took a video before they took this picture showing the geyser shooting water 150”+/- 30 feet in the air.  It was an amazing spectacle that had everyone in awe!

And you guessed it, Nick & Dianne are taking in the view at Mount Rushmore, SD.

And, at Mt. Rushmore, SD, the weather was perfect and all state/territory flags were on display.  The Monje’s had just come from seeing the Crazy Horse Monument and were just as amazed at seeing our country’s famous Presidents carved in stone for everyone to remember and enjoy!

For the Monje’s it was a great tour and one that all patriotic Americans should try to experience.  Our military travel all over the world and here we have some of the best places to see and experience right in our own backyard.  According to Nick, “We were remiss at not putting our U.S. National Parks up higher on our Bucket List.”

Where in the World are the Monje’s and Murphy’s?

Once again, AGCRA has a goal of touching all corners of the Army, from South Korea, Alaska, Hawaii, the Continental U.S., Europe, to the Middle East.  But why stop there, let’s take AGCRA even more global! 

This time we have a double-header as COL (Ret) Nick Monje and his wife LTC (Ret) Dianne Monje, and COL (Ret) Bob Murphy and his wife Gayl, are on the road again carrying the AGCRA logo to as many exotic places as possible… so where in the world are they?  Scroll down…














Nick and Dianne are currently on a road trip visiting national parks in the western United States.  Here they are in Sedona, AZ.

Bob and Gayl are currently traveling in Europe to various locations shown below.

Bob & Gayl Murphy traveling on an eastern Europe river cruise on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary.
Bob & Gayl Murphy in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Bob & Gayl Murphy in Vienna, Austria with the St. Francis of Assisi Church as their background.