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AG Corps Hall of Fame & Distinguished Members of the Corps MOI for 2020


HR Leaders,

Attached at the bottom is the 2020 AG Corps Hall of Fame (HOF) and Distinguished Member of the Corps (DMOC) MOI with enclosures.

Based on feedback from the field and the 2019 HOF / DMOC panels, we have made some changes for the 2020 program.

1.  All HOF nominations must include a minimum of TWO endorsements.  The cover letter / narrative from the individual making the nomination does NOT count as one of those endorsements.

2.  We’ve extended the deadline from 21 December to 10 January to allow additional time over the holidays to complete the nomination packets.

3.  We developed a new nomination form for both HOF and DMOC to ensure we capture all required data.

Mr. Dave Smoot now has the lead for the HOF / DMOC Programs, please send all nomination packets and questions to him at, or 803-751-5854.


v/r Ward

Ward D. Ward, PMP, SPHR
Deputy Commandant
U.S. Army Adjutant General School
10000 Hampton Parkway
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
803-751-8545, DSN 734

AG Corps HOF – DMOC MOI 2020 – Change 1

Encl 1 – HOF Packet Info

Encl 2 – HOF Nomination Form

Encl 3 – DMOC Packet Info

Encl 4 – DMOC Nomination Form


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Chief of the AG Corps announces 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

Army HR Professionals (Present and Past),

As Chief of the Adjutant General’s Corps, it gives me great pleasure to announce the selection of the 2019 Class of the AG Corps Hall of Fame (HOF).  The 2019 AG Corps HOF inductees are:

MG (Ret) Barrye L. Price

COL (Ret) Robert T. Murphy

COL (Ret) Steven R. Shappell

CW5 (Ret) Jeanne Y. Pace

CW5 (Ret) Richard L. Ford

CSM (Ret) Christopher D. Culbertson

The AG Corps Hall of Fame officially opened on 11 June 2010.  The AG Corps Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor persons who have made positive, lasting and significant contributions that truly perpetuate the history and traditions of the U.S. Army Adjutant General’s Corps. AG Corps HOF members are honored with a permanent display in the AG Corps Hall of Honor at the Adjutant General School, Fort Jackson, SC.

A board comprised of current AG Corps senior leaders and Hall of Fame members selects the AG Corps HOF inductees.  The AG School will honor and recognize the achievements of the 2019 AG Corps HOF Class during the AG Corps HOF Induction Ceremony, 21 June 2019, at Fort Jackson, SC.  The National AG Ball will also be executed the evening of 21 June 2019 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, SC (formal announcement and details are forthcoming).

Please note that we will announce the 2019 AG Corps Distinguished Members of the Corps (DMOCs) in the coming weeks.  The AG Corps will recognize DMOCs during the AG Corps HOF Induction Ceremony on 21 June 2019 with a permanent display in the AG Corps Hall of Honor at the Adjutant General School.

Again, congratulations to the 2019 Class of the AG Corps Hall of Fame.


Very respectfully,

COL McTigue

Michael T. McTigue
Commandant, Adjutant General School
Chief, Adjutant General’s Corps
Chief of Army Music

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