Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

AGCRA President visits South Carolina State University (SCSU) Army ROTC

From the South Carolina State University (SCSU) Army ROTC Bulldog Battalion Facebook Page.  The Bulldog Battalion’s Professor of Military Science is LTC Rod Doyle.

It’s not everyday you meet a living legend.  COL (Ret) Robert L. Manning was the 29th Chief of the Adjutant General’s Corps, Commandant of the Adjutant General School, Chief of Army Bands, and is currently the President of the AGCRA National Executive Council.  COL (Ret) Manning came down to visit the Bulldog Battalion in Orangeburg, SC, along with LTC Javon Perry, USAR Liaison at the AG School, Fort Jackson, SC and also ROCK Chapter President.  COL (Ret) Manning talked to the SCSU Cadets about being themselves, always ready to take action, and quoted President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous “The Man in the Arena.”  LTC Perry added the aspect of faith in that throughout an Army career, you will be alright.  Life learning never stops for the Bulldog Battalion.

The SCSU Army ROTC Bulldog Battalion at Orangeburg, SC conducts a professional development session with COL (Ret) Robert L. Manning (center), AGCRA President, and LTC Javon Perry (2nd from the left), USAR Liaison at the AG School, Fort Jackson, SC.

LTC Rod Doyle, Professor of Military Science, SCSU Army ROTC, receives the AGCRA Manning Achievement Medal from COL (Ret) Robert L. Manning, AGCRA President.