Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

Shields Up! Defend & Serve!

Most military organizations have unique greetings and responses, but until now the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association has not had its own.

But, it does now:  Shields Up!  Defend and Serve!

During this year’s Fort Carson AG Ball, The Adjutant General of the Army, BG Hope Rampy was the guest speaker.  During her remarks, she mentioned AG Soldiers holding their “Shields Up” – meaning doing whatever was required to support the War Fighter.

During his speaking engagements, the Army G-1 Sergeant Major, SGM Mark Clark, tells Soldiers if you’re proud to be AG then reply, “Defend and Serve!”.

During the PT session at the recent AG CSM/SGM Workshop at HRC, Fort Knox, SGM Clark combined these two phrases when speaking to the AG CSMs/SGMs and stated, that as a means to recognize the hard work and experiences shared amongst Army HR professionals, we would use the term mentioned by BG Rampy, “Shields Up!”, when greeting our HR Soldiers and they should respond with “Defend and Serve!”

Let’s all follow the lead of The Adjutant General of the Army and the Army G-1 Sergeant Major and adopt this greeting and response.

Shields Up! Defend and Serve!

On Tik Tok (see link below), SGM Clark is also seeking the most motivated rendition of “Shields Up! Defend and Serve!” Can your unit/organization meet the challenge?

Tik Tok Link