Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

Recognition of NCOs from the TRADOC AG G1/4, Fort Eustis, VA

From left to right: SSG Chardonnay Ford, SSG Cheniece Moreland, SSG Brandi Williams, and SSG Mylissa Jones.

During the 3rd Quarter, FY 22, we recognize and congratulate the following NCOs of the TRADOC AG G1/4, Fort Eustis, VA:

* SSG Chardonnay Ford
* SSG Cheniece Moreland
* SSG Brandi Williams
* SSG Mylissa Jones

These NCOs improved their GT scores and surpassed the coveted 110 mark! Their hard work and late nights of studying paid dividends! This is truly an exceptional achievement, shines a bright light on the 42A AG Community, and will inevitably widen the doors of opportunity for these Human Resources NCOs as they progress in their military career.

The TRADOC G1/4 Leader Development program is an engaging, interactive leader development program, and a catalyst for the professional development of its NCOs and Soldiers. The four NCOs listed above took advantage of the leader development program at TRADOC G1/4, took action, and improved their career path. DA Pam 600-25 (NCO Professional Development Guide) is the foundation for effective leader development programs through the inculcation of the three domains: operational, institutional, and self.

Leader development programs equip the Army’s most valuable assets, our service members, with powerful knowledge and tools to increase the Army’s strength, intelligence, and lethality. An effective leader development program is an essential and invaluable asset, and is only conducted and maintained through active and engaged leaders at all levels throughout the Army!

Congratulations, Defend and Serve!


SGM Christian J. Carr & MSG Paul Elliott