Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

AGCRA Chapter Recognition Program Winners Announced for FY 2021

The President of the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA) is announcing the winning Chapters of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Chapter Recognition Program. The FY 2021 Program, in its sixth year, covered Chapter activities from 1 October 2020 through 30 September 2021.

In the Large Chapter category, the 2021 Chapter of the Year is the Fort Knox-based Gold Vault Chapter. This is the third time that the Gold Vault Chapter has been named Chapter of the Year. Gold Vault also won Chapter of the Year in 2018 and 2019, and runner-up in 2020. The runner-up Chapter of the Year is the Carolina Chapter. The Carolina Chapter was the Large Chapter of the Year in FY 2016, and the runner-up in FY 2017.

In the Small Chapter category, the 2021 Chapter of the Year, for the sixth year in a row, is Redstone Arsenal’s Rocket City Chapter. The runner-up Chapter of the Year is the Fort Huachuca-based Thunder Mountain Chapter. Thunder Mountain was also the runner-up Chapter in FY 2018.

The Chapters of the Year will each receive an award of $1,000 from the National Executive Council (NEC). The runners-ups will each receive an award of $750.

In this sixth year of the program, eight AGCRA Chapters participated in the program by submitting annual historical reports, which is a requirement for competing.

The Chapter Recognition Program was established by the NEC in late 2015 to encourage and support Association Chapters to remain active and consistently engaged in AGCRA membership recruitment and professional development efforts. Historically, the strength of many AGCRA Chapters ebbed and flowed between active and inactive status due to deployments and reassignments, as well as the frequent turnover of Chapter Officers. The Council saw a need to provide recognition, incentive, and rewards for Chapters that remained active and engaged despite personnel turnover.

The NEC has modified the program for FY 2022 and beyond, and will release a new memorandum of instruction in the near future. Besides streamlining the award criteria in this modification, going forward the AGCRA will formally recognize winning Chapters at the National AG Ball, sponsored by AGCRA, and held annually in the month of June in Columbia, South Carolina.

The FY 2022 Chapter Recognition Program will cover Chapter activities from 1 October 2021 through 30 September 2022.

The AGCRA Thunder Mountain Chapter Gives Back to the Sierra Vista Community

July 28th, 2022 marked Fort Huachuca’s AGCRA Thunder Mountain Chapter’s Quarterly Community Service Event to the local Sierra Vista Family Shelter: Good Neighbor Alliance. The Chapter donated over $400 in food donations to support the local community!

#DefendandServe   #ShieldsUp

AGCRA Thunder Mountain Chapter supports local CANTER Equestrian Therapy Organization

On May 8, 2021, the Thunder Mountain Chapter members had a great time supporting the local CANTER equestrian therapy organization located at 7388 East Chief Joseph Drive, Sierra Vista, AZ.  CANTER stands for the Cochise Area Network of Therapeutic Equestrian Resources.  CANTER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit United Way organization that offers therapeutic horseback riding.  Additionally, CANTER is one of only three Premier Accredited Riding Centers in the state of Arizona.

CANTER’s vision is to serve all eligible individuals in Cochise County, AZ, using multiple riding instructors with diverse skills and training methods to safely and effectively meet the specific needs and requirements of its students.  In therapeutic riding, the student actively performs exercises on the horse.  The exercises are supervised according to a plan developed by CANTER instructors.

The Thunder Mountain Chapter members performed general maintenance projects throughout the CANTER property.  The Chapter members discovered their way around saddles as they learned how to clean and condition them.

Mrs. Gayl Murphy of the AGCRA Thunder Mountain Chapter cleans and conditions a saddle at the CANTER Equestrian Therapy Organization in Sierra Vista, AZ.
Ms. Rachael Butler of the Intelligence Center of Excellence G1 Directorate at Fort Huachuca and an AGCRA Thunder Mountain Chapter member, cleans and conditions a saddle at the CANTER Equestrian Therapy Organization.

Other Chapter members were no strangers to paintbrushes as they applied preservative to two wooden bridges on the CANTER equestrian trail. 

CW2 Ryan Fleury (left) of the U.S. Army NETCOM G1 Directorate and COL (Ret) Bob Murphy, both from the AGCRA Thunder Mountain Chapter, support volunteer efforts at the CANTER Equestrian Therapy Organization.
They even had time for a photo break 🙂

The Chapter members had a glorious morning for this event.

Group photo of Thunder Chapter Mountain members at the CANTER Equestrian Therapy Organization.