Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

AGCRA National Executive Council Vacancy – VP, Awards

CW5 (Ret) Dave Ratliff, the Association’s VP for Awards has announced his intention to retire in 2019 (date TBD).  The National Executive Council is now soliciting interested AGCRA members to backfill CW5 (Ret) Ratliff.  The duties of the AGCRA VP, Awards include the following:

(1) Develops and recommends to the National Executive Council policies and actions concerning initiation, implementation, and sustainment of the Association’s awards program.  All AGCRA awards can be found at Awards.

(2) Prepares and recommends, within guidance limitations, an overall Association awards program, including types of awards to be presented, criteria for selection, pamphlet, and an awards budget.

(3) Recommends types of awards, as appropriate, for Adjutant General’s Corps and Human Resources Soldiers, Federal Civilian employees, members in good standing, and others for advancing the objectives of the Association.  Further, recommends types of awards for demonstrated military excellence, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship within all components of the Army and Army ROTC.

(4) Ensures arrangement of appropriate publicity for awards.

(5) Prepares awards recommendation packets for voting by the National Executive Council.

(6) Prepares awards for presentation, shipment, and approval.

(7) Prepares all AGCRA awards for the National AG Ball, and supports AGCRA award requests for Chapter special events (e.g., local AG Ball).

(8) Maintains the Association stock of awards on hand and per AGCRA Chapter requests.

(9) Performs other duties assigned by the President and the National Executive Council.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve as the next AGCRA VP, Awards, please send your full name, contact information, and a short summary of your qualifications to serve to  The National Executive Council will review all applications and announce the next VP, Awards.